Yurbuds Sport Earbuds: Water-Resistant Headphones For Sports

Sick of your earbuds not staying put when you’re trying to workout and jam out at the same time? It sure is annoying when I’m constantly tweaking with my ears instead of focusing on the trail or obstacle ahead of me. But now I’ve got a pair of Yurbuds sport earbuds and I no longer have that problem. They help me flow through my workout without distraction, and that makes a tremendous difference. It’s no wonder they’re the official earphone of the Ironman Triathalon.

I think back to lifting weights at the gym before I moved to the mountains, and how frustrated I would get when one earbud would fall out halfway through a set and I’d be forced to listen to a horrific combination of my hard rock and whatever Kanye West song was coming through the gym’s sound system. Their music selection was the whole reason I would bring my own tunes in the first place, so it would have been really nice to have these sport earbuds back then.

Here’s a funny video of people looking ridiculous trying really hard to shake Yurbuds out of their ears:

Yurbuds are sweet because you insert them at a 90-degree angle, then twist them into place and they won’t fall out if they get caught on something like a zipper or an elbow when you’re moving around a lot. The squishy silicone buds are designed to avoid the more sensitive nerves in your ears, so they’re comfortable for hours on end. That’s a really cool feature because not only my ears, but the whole side of my head starts to get sore after wearing uncomfortable earbuds for long enough. I’ve been searching for the best running headphones for quite some time, and now I’m pretty stoked on my Yurbuds sport earbuds.

Another reason Yurbuds are cool is they’re sweat and water-resistant. That doesn’t mean you should go swimming in them, but they’ll stay put after running miles in the rain or working up a big sweat while cross-training. I’ve also got a buddy on the East Coast who trains for his rowing team with Yurbuds in. He gets wet and it doesn’t effect their performance or their fit, but it’s not like he submerges his head in the lake. That would just be silly. Electricity under water…usually a bad idea.

We carry the Yurbuds Inspire series here at Tahoe Mountain Sports. They’re perfect for our target market: active outdoor enthusiasts who simply want the best outdoor gear. Yurbuds come in several models so you can choose the perfect headphone for you:

yurbuds inspire women

The Yurbuds Inspire and the Yurbuds Inspire for Women sell for only $29.99! With this option you get twice the product for the same price as other entry-level earbuds. Both versions offer the same water-resistant performance and fit, superior sound quality, and ambient noise allowance to increase safety and awareness during high-exertion workouts. Women’s Yurbuds are designed to fit slightly smaller ears, and are an excellent companion for active women who dig music.

yurbuds inspire talk

For $39.99 you can get the Yurbuds Inspire Talk, so you can do precisely what the name implies: talk. Just push the button and speak to through the cord – pretty cool! They remind me of a gadget James Bond would use. Of course, they also offer the same top-notch characteristics of the Yurbuds Inspire.

yurbuds inspire duro

The Yurbuds Inspire Duro goes for $49.99, and has a durable woven cloth cord that doesn’t tangle or tear. You can zip this cord up in your jacket without damaging the guts! I think that’s really cool, especially since I’ve ruined a couple pairs of headphones in the past by accidentally slicing the cord on something.

yurbuds inspire pro

Then there’s the Yurbuds Inspire Pro, which has a 3-button microphone on the cord control volume, change songs and even talk to “Siri” on your iPhone (also compatible with Android and Blackberry). This is the model I have, and they’re the best headphones for sports I’ve used to-date. In cold weather I don’t have to take my gloves off to control my music, nor do I get distracted adjusting the earbuds when they come loose – because they don’t! Yurbuds even come with a cool little detachable clip that lets you connect the cord to your shirt or pack so it doesn’t get in the way when you’re really getting after it.

In case you’ve got an inner-ear shaped as unique as your personality, which it seems most everyone does, Yurbuds offers the following suggestions to help your earbuds stay put:

If the Yurbuds Twist-Lock method just isn’t sufficient for your ear, try swapping out the enhancers (tips) with the extra pair included in the convenient storage bag (also included). If those don’t fit better, try cleaning your Yurbuds by removing the enhancers from the earphones and washing them with warm, soapy water. Completely dry them off and re-position them on the earphones. You’ll probably forget how they looked before you started screwing with them, so let me break it down for you: The pointy canal-looking part of the left bud should be between two o’clock and three o’clock (picture the hands on a clock) and the pointy part of the right bud should line up between eight o’clock and nine o’clock.

If your Yurbuds still aren’t a perfect fit, their customer service department very helpful. Call them at (888) 987-2831 or email orders@yurbuds.com.

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