What’s In Our Quiver: Ski Patrol and Freeride Coaches

This week on What’s In Our Quiver, we reach out to a friend who has been immersed in the professional ski industry for years. Alix Klein recently moved to Tahoe from Crested Butte, Colorado, where she worked as a ski patrol and competed on the Freeride World Tour. She currently coaches the Sugar Bowl Freeride Team and she loves living in the Sierras, with access to so many fun activities right out her front door. Here are a few top ski products that have lasted Alix years of abuse, and that we just so happen to carry at Tahoe Mountain Sports.

Alix Klein Freeski World Tour
Alix sends a big air in a steep competition.
Black diamond avalung pack

Black Diamond AvalungAlix was kind enough to give us her honest opinion about her Avalung. We’re not going to hold out on you – this is straight up, no salt or lime:

It’s kind of a pain, but makes a cool horn noise when you blow on it really hard. It is slightly uncomfortable and I always wonder if it would stay in my mouth in a real avalanche….

TMS in no way intends to bash BD Avalung technology. They greatly increase your survival rate in the event that you are buried under snow. If you are considering an avalanche-specific backpack and this review makes you a bit apprehensive, we suggest you take a look at Avalanche Airbag Backpacks. They help you avoid being buried in the first place, and have completely swept the avy-pack genre for good reason.

black diamond pure carbon pole

Black Diamond poles – My BD poles are about ten years old and have been through a lot! The screw for the telescoping part sometimes comes loose, but a quick turn with a screwdriver and they are back to new! I love them! I love how tall they get for skating (like cross-country poles) and hiking, and then I can shorten them for skiing! The pole baskets have broken from being used for so long, but I just got new ones!

mammut pulse barryvox

Mammut Pulse Barryvox – I love this beacon! It is very user-friendly and simple to navigate with. It’s kinda scary to think a situation could ever come down to checking for a pulse before I start digging, but that’s better than wasting time or energy when you have other options. Luckily I haven’t had to use it in an emergency (yet?), but during practice I feel confident that it will perform under pressure – as long as I do!

arcteryx softshell

Arc’Teryx Softshell – This is the best skiing soft shell ever! I love the fuzzy inside and the sleek fit! On stormy days when I am skiing backcountry, I put the hood on and cruise! I also use it for camping or when I’m hiking or biking in cold weather. It’s very versatile.

smith snow goggles

Smith Goggles – I actually have two pairs of the Smith Phenom goggle, which is the guy’s version of the Smith Phase. They fit my face really well, so I don’t feel a cold breeze creeping through when it’s windy or I’m moving fast. This also prevents them from fogging up on me. I love the different styles and the interchangeable lenses, although I know there are some Smith goggles with lenses that are easier to change.

waterfalls in yosemite
Alix enjoys a trail-side refreshment in Yosemite.

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