What we’re Excited About: The North Face Boots, Approach Shoes, and More

The North Face has really been picking up their game lately with innovative outdoor gear, clothing and footwear that we’ve been really impressed with. They’re highlighting their top of the line – calling it The Summit Series – and it isn’t just marketing. This stuff is going up Mount Everest with Conrad Anker and up El Capitan with Alex Honnold. It’s legit.

Let’s start with the new hiking boots getting a lot of attention this summer, The North Face Havoc Mid GTX. The Havocs turn the old model of heavy leather hiking boots on its head, using lightweight yet durable materials to not only shave ounces but also nearly eliminate the painful break-in period of your old boots. They’re still GORE-TEX lined for fully waterproof breathable performance too. Here’s a video explaining all the cool stuff that went into these award-winning light hikers:

Approach shoes are going off right now, and for good reason. They blend the best of light hiking shoes with the tenacious on-rock grip of climbing shoes – the perfect recede for rocky terrain – whether you’re a climber walking off a climb or a hiker who spends serious time above treeline in rocky environments like the Sierra, Rocky Mountains or White Mountains.

The North Face Verto Approach Shoe strikes a great balance between lightweight and durability, protection and breathability – and they climb well too. Here’s a video in front of beautiful Lake Tahoe taking us through all the details:

The North Face Verto Backpacks are ultralight summit sacks, available in a 26 liter and 32 liter size, perfect for stripping weight on the summit push. Stuff it in your big backpacking back on the way in and make the switch once you’ve set up camp on your next peak bagging trip, or even replace your sleeping bag stuff sack with one to save weight and serve multiple purposes. Here’s a video walking through all the features on these great packs:

And while it’s not new, The North Face Phoenix 2 and Phoenix 3 Tents – as this video shows – is just too cool not to talk about. The proprietary waterproof breathable fabric really works – in the video a humidifier is going full steam inside the tent, and I stuck my hand inside after filming to check it out – bone dry!

So as you’re gearing up for your summer adventures, check out the latest and greatest from The North Face – we’ve been impressed with everything we’ve seen from them this summer.

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