VholdRs at Squaw, They’re Everywhere!

So I’ve been taking the VholdR Contour HD 1080p out to Squaw and experimenting with different mounts and settings.  There are tons of people out riding with various POV camera setups these days and getting some awesome footage. My favorite setup so far is with the Vented Helmet Mount set up on top of my Smith Variant and the camera shooting in the 960p Tall HD mode. This mode has a taller 4:3 aspect ratio compared to the  16:9 wide screen view of the 1080p mode.  It makes it much easier to get both the ground/skis and the horizon in the shot which gives the video nice perspective.  I haven’t gotten a true bluebird powder day yet, but I’ve been impressed with the footage I’ve been getting in less than stellar light conditions. The video below was shot at Squaw on Feb 3rd and 4th.

Our unofficial buddy Miles Clark has been absolutely tearing up Squaw recently and skiing some impressive lines with his ContourHD rolling. He uses the Flat Surface Mount on the side of his helmet and usually shoots in in 1280 x 720 720p HD. He has this setup pretty dialed and the footage looks great! The quality of the skiing in Miles’ videos is on another level compared to mine so check out his blog and see what its like to jump pretty much every cliff at Squaw! His video below was also shot on Feb 3rd and 4th, just with a few more interesting line choices than mine!

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