Triathlon Gear: 2XU Wetsuits & Compression Clothing

2XU (pronounced “two-times-you”) makes the best wetsuits for racing and compression clothing for athletes. Take one look at – or even better, take one swim in – a 2XU wetsuit and you may feel like you’re cheating. Rest assured, they’re fully compliant to all racing regulations. They only use the highest grade premium fabrics and technologies in their swimming wetsuits, not wasting money or energy on flashy designs or pretty colors. 2XU gear helps you perform your best; or, as the name implies, at twice your regular output. In light of the inaugural Ironman Lake Tahoe coming this September 22, Tahoe Mountain Sports stocked up on 2XU tri wetsuits and compression clothing.

TMS Tri-Tip: Come demo a wetsuit for free during Ironman race week! Even better tri-tip: Come hang with 35-time Ironman Mark Kleanthous on Thursday from 4 to 6 p.m., borrow a new 2XU wetsuit from us and keep it overnight, then bring it back Friday after a good morning swim in the lake! Details here: Ironman Lake Tahoe Event Schedule

2XU Wetsuits for Swimming

-Swim Faster! 2XU wetsuits maximize flotation and flexibility so you can focus 100% on efficient swimming without exerting excessive energy keeping yourself afloat.
-The neoprene 2XU uses is no different from other brands – but the way that neoprene is used is!
-5-mm thick front core panel and 5mm “roll bar” around hips maximize buoyancy and stabilize body position
-Water entrapment zone creates more surface area on forearms (Greater surface area = greater paddling strength)
-Isolated zipper panel provides more flex (and comfort) than other wetsuits
-Angled ankle cuffs allow swimmer to cut and custom-fit their suits

2xu velocity wetsuit

2XU Velocity Wetsuit
The V:3 Velocity features the best nano-silicone coating of any wetsuit. 1-mm thick underarms maximize flexibility and overhead reach. Stretch panels work with you instead of against you, and the Velocity Strakes (forearms) and Propulsion Panels (lower legs) increase power and boost hydronamics.  The Velocity wetsuit provides 4% more buoyancy and a faster and easier on/off transition time because it doesn’t stick to your skin like tri wetsuits without a nano-silicone treatment.

2xu womens race wetsuit

2XU Race Wetsuit
The R:3 Race has all the same great features of the 2XU V:3 Velocity Wetsuit, only without the nano-silicone coating and with 1.5-mm underarms to promote flexibility and speed. The Race wetsuit’s 5-mm thick core keeps you on the surface and strakes on the forearms and lower legs increase your surface area so you move more water with each stroke.


2XU Active Wetsuit
The A:3 Active also shares the same features of the V:3 Velocity and the R:Race wetsuits, but with 2-mm underarms for added stretch and mobility. The Active wetsuit’s legs are 3-mm thick, but they come with the nano-silicone treatment found throughout the Velocity wetsuit.

2XU wetsuits for swimming are now in Kings Beach – for rent and for sale. And yes, Dave (right) is a goofball.

2XU Compression Clothing

Of all the compression brands out there, 2XU happens to be endorsed by the Australian Institute of Sport. This may not seem like much to U.S. athletes, but elsewhere this is a highly regarded status. 2XU is also the official supplier of Ironman and the U.S. Alpine, Nordic and Freestyle Ski Teams. They make thermal ski-specific tights and socks, coming to Tahoe Mountain Sports this winter, and we couldn’t me more excited to have 2XU compression clothing in-stock. Compression clothing is not only ideal for athletes, but also for working professionals. The idea of ‘compression’ originally stemmed from medical practices, but now is used by doctors, surgeons and nurses who spend most of their days standing. The same goes for construction workers, landscapers, and even office workers and retailers who workout before work and want some assistance recovering when they’re stationary the rest of the day. Anyone who puts a toll on their muscles can benefit from compression clothing.
True story: My right calf was sore this morning, so during lunch break I slipped on my calf compression sleeves and within a couple hours the discomfort had completely passed!

2XU Compression clothing is popular for several functions, but after using them myself I added another:

Muscle Containment – Keep muscles aligned and in place; increase sensory awareness; more efficient, less fatigue; reduce chance of injuries like shin-splints when muscles do not move around during exercise

Increased Bloodflow – Boost muscle performance; warm up faster; speed up recovery time with promoted removal of lactate from exercising muscles; decrease heart rate and increase power

Thermal Regulation – Better bloodflow = better oxygenation; keep muscles warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather

Proprioception – Increase spacial awareness and ‘keep it together’ – after ten hours of racing your body starts slacking and flailing

Feel Like A Badass – The combination of the four aforementioned qualities makes you feel powerful and resilient, up for tackling any obstacle in your path!

Types of Compression Clothing

All 2XU Compression Clothing is all made from the best U.S.-made prime Lycra on the market and are knitted in a circular fashion that links the fibers all around, creating a seamless and more comfortable better four-way stretch. The fabrics are antimicrobial so bacteria and foul odors don’t build up when your sweat dries. If you haven’t worn compression sleeves or compression tights, you should really give them a shot. It would be difficult to find qualities you don’t like about them.

2xu compression calf guard

2XU Compression Calf Guards
You’ll want to wear 2XU Compression Calf Guards every time you train. A workout just isn’t the same without calf sleeves. Minimize your chance of shin splints and other injuries, plus enhance your performance on the trail and the street. Many triathletes wear 2XU calf guards under their wetsuits because they won’t come off during a fast swim-bike transition, and that way they’re set up for better stability and performance during the bike and run portions of the race. They come in different forms: Performance and Recovery. 2XU Recovery Compression Calf Guards are a heavier, knit-woven fabric that you can train in, but they’re better for recovery. Calf compressors aid in recovery by increasing blood flow to remove lactic acid faster. Wear them to sleep or when you’re relaxing after a big day and you’ll heal much faster. TMS Tip: Skiing hard your first day of winter vacation? Slip on some 2XU recovery sleeves after a big day on the hill and you won’t be nearly as sore the next day!

2XU compression tights

2XU Compression Tights
Support your major leg muscles with compression so they perform most efficiently. 2XU Compression Tights reduce vibration and keep your muscles in alignment, plus they manage moisture and keep your lower body warm in cooler weather. Get the full-length version or the 2XU Compression 3/4 Tights – whichever you prefer. The 3/4 compression tights are also great for skiers who want tights that stop where their boots end. For those who want more coverage to include their lower legs, go with the full-length 2XU Compression Tights.

2xu compression socks

2XU Compression Performance Run Socks
These 2XU Compression Socks breathe better than any other compression socks on the market. They’re incredibly lightweight and the increase of circulation helps performance during activity as well as recovery. 2XU Compression Performance Run Socks provide arch and heel support, and are flexible for maximum output yet still keep muscles stable.

2xu compression shorts

2XU Compression Shorts
When you work your legs to their full potential you’re going to need some serious support. Stabilize your muscles with a flexible and powerful fabric wrap that keeps them compressed during high-output training sessions and races. Want the best of the best? Try the 2XU Elite Compression Shorts, with a higher weight fabric in the center-front and back panels for added support of the hamstrings, abductors, glutes and quadriceps.

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