TMS Says Goodbye to Shane McConkey

We, along with the rest of the ski world, are saddened and sorry to hear of the death of one of skiing’s most vibrant, talented, and devoted athletes. His blog is a testament to the fact that he died doing what he loved. After watching his movies for years and finally moving to Lake Tahoe in 2001, I met Shane in 2003 at the Truckee Sports Exchange where I used to work a few years back. He came in and kept bringing used kids beat up snowboards to the counter. He then proceeded to tell us about all the experiments he was working on in ski designs and ski base jumping and how he was using the kids snowboards as test planks and as skis that he would not mind losing over a 400ft cliff jump when he had to pop his skis off in order to throw his chute. Obviously, we were simply in awe and were totally pumped to hear his stories. Now, ironically, that is one of the reasons for his passing. Tahoe Mountain Sports expresses our condolences to his wife and daughter and wishes them the best. Rest in peace Shane, you will be missed and remebered by many.

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  1. and I almost forgot that since the Shane inspired and designed Volant Spatula made its appearance on the ski scene, skis have gotten sooooooo much better! Thanks again Shane

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