New mobile site for smartphones and tablets

Have you seen our new look yet? Tahoe Mountain Sports has gone mobile, launching a new e-commerce site for iPhones, Androids, BlackBerrys and tablets on November 15, 2011. And since then, our mobile visits have increased 113%!

As recently reported by Internet Retailer, mobile commerce is an increasingly important factor in web retailing, and over the 2011 holiday season, retailers saw significant increases in mobile traffic and sales. IBM, reported that 14.4% of its Christmas Day sales were made on a mobile device, up from only 5.3% a year ago. We’ve seen similar statistics. The month before we launched our mobile site about 9% of our visitors were browsing on mobile devices. Since the launch, the ratio of mobile users versus desktop users has been climbing about 1% each month. Today there are 14% mobile users, versus 86% desktop users.

Check out the site to see the ease of buying for yourself. The look is sleek and lightweight so pages download quickly even when your cell signal is weak. Gear, clothing and footwear are just a finger’s tap away, so when you’re shivering on the chairlift, wishing you had that extra layer, or on the road, remembering what you forgot to pack, you can order right from your phone so your next day on the hill is even better, or your package is waiting at your next destination.

We worked with CommerceV3 to expand our web presence into the rapidly-growing world of mobile devices, from iPhones and Androids to tablets. And we’re proud to be among the first outdoor retailers in the Tahoe area to launch a mobile website.

“Our statistics since the launch really show that simply more and more people are using tablet and web-enabled mobile devices and that it’s a global trend,” said TMS owner Dave Polivy. “We try to keep up with all trends whether they be the coolest colors of the new jackets at the ski hill, the lightest weight sleeping pads on the market, or the hand-held technology that people are using to run their lives on.”

Have you bought anything on the Tahoe Mountain Sports mobile site? We’d love to hear about your experience. Comment here, or via any of our other channels: Facebook, Twitter,, online chat from our homepage.

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