The Starving Student’s Holiday Wish List

This Week’s Favorite Holiday Gear Picks, Straight From Our Fun TMS Staff To You! 

With Christmas only a few days away and your “dirt bag ski bum” taken care of, as well as your “overly concerned parents” happily checked off for the year, that leaves the last (but not least) on your shopping list – the starving student! Every family seems to have one, or at least someone who lives like one, but what do you buy for someone who needs everything? Our TMS starving students, Meaghen and Ryan, have the perfect gift ideas that will help even the most destitute on your list feel like gear-royalty (opposite of gear-junkie) without breaking the bank.

Meaghen tree claim

Meaghen’s Holiday Picks

$24.95 – Chico Bag Daypack 15 

I’ve liked this Chico backpack ever since I saw it. It barely weighs anything and scrunches down really small so it would be perfect to keep in my glove box. That way I’d always have it in case I decide to take a quick hike or walk my dog. Also for grocery trips – I wouldn’t worry about forgetting recyclable bags because I’d always have a big one in the car, and it’s much easier to carry when I walk or ride my bike home from the store.

$74.95 – The North Face Stretch Ninja Hoody

Why do I want this North Face hoody? Because it’s sick! Hmm…what else? It’s really soft and I like the way the hood zips up all the way around your head but leaves the perfect little window to see out of. It blocks out the wind but the fabric is really comfortable and the zipper won’t rub my chin and annoy me when I’m running.

$174.95 – Smith I/OS 

I need a new pair of goggles really bad and these Smith Goggles are the best goggles out there. They’re really comfortable and they look sweet! The weather changes so much in Tahoe that it would be nice to keep an extra lens in the car and be able to switch from back-and-forth really fast (flat-light to low-light).


Ryan’s Holiday Picks

$14.95 – Snow Peak Titanium Straw  

I do a lot of lightweight hiking and long-distance trail running when the ground is dry, but it’s not always warm outside. I wouldn’t even notice this in my pack because it’s so small and light, just like the other Snow Peak gear I have, and I tend to drink tasty beverages like cocoa and coffee really fast so if I had a straw I could savor those moments a little longer.

$94.95 – Smart Wool 195Weight Bottom  

My thermals are shot! I wear the same pair almost every day and put a lot of miles on them in the backcountry. I figure if I got some Smartwool long underwear next, they would last a long time and I could wear them repeatedly without stinking them up too bad. Plus, sometimes it’s really cold and wet in the mornings and other days it’s not that bad – these would do the trick in all conditions.

$184.95 – Hestra Egro Grip Freeride Gloves

I really like how much I can do with these gloves on. I borrowed a buddy’s Ergo Grip gloves a while ago and was immediately sold on them. It was nice not to have to take them off when I needed to grab something from my pack, adjust my goggles or unzip my pit-zips (underarm vents).

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