The Perfect Mountain Biking Outfit – What to wear when it is raining down low and snowing up high!

Well, as I was mountain biking the perfectly wet and tacky trails yesterday and it was raining at my house at 6,000 ft but snowing up at 7,000 ft where I was going, I decided what a better blog post than to tell you what I had on, as I debated it for a good 30 minutes before my ride. So, in an effort to save you those 30 minutes, here is a rundown of what I was wearing. I will leave out all the regular bike stuff, because I just used my normal helmet, shoes and shorts that I always wear. The tricky part was wearing enough to stay warm and dry, but not too hot so I would have to shed layers and cool down from the rain. So, here it is:

Icebreaker BF150 Atlas Zip – If you haven’t tried any Icebreaker stuff, you are simply missing out. This stuff is so soft to the skin, doesn’t smell even after days of use, and keeps you warm and dry better than any other shirt I own. Also, when you start to sweat in this shirt, it breathes so well, you don’t get that clammy, wet feeling against your core.

Mammut Clime Jacket – The reviews on this product pretty much sum it up. Highly breathable, waterproof enough to hold off a steady light rain or light snow, slim fitting so it doesn’t bunch up anywear, and pit zips for added breathability. The stretchiness of this jacket is also one of its high points.

Smith Trace Sunglasses – Smith has taken their slider/multi-lens concept to the next level with the new interchangeable series. These new shades from Smith come with 3 distinct lenses and I was using the rose colored lens for low light days. The lenses change in and out efforlessly, the optical precision is amazing and the fit is snug and perfect. I don’t even need a pair of croakies or anything when I put these on.

Wigwam Snow Whisper Pro Socks – Socks are really the key to happines. If you want to be warm, comfortable, and dry, you better start with a good pair of socks. Thinner is also almost always better. The thinner the sock, the less material there is for the moisture to travel through and wick away from your foot. In most cases, it is the moisture that makes your foot cold. So, I always choose a thin sock that breathes quickly and will keep my feet dry. The Snow Whisper Pro is the ticket on this one.

Since I did not have the VIO POV1 with me on this trip, I don’t have any good action footage, but hold tight, there will be lots more trip reports and product reviews popping up soon.

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