Tech Update: Social Media, Contests and Rewards

The Tahoe Mountain Sports website has been going through a lot of changes for your surfing and shopping pleasure.  Many of the changes were small usability fixes, coding tweaks and other technical nonsense, so I will spare you the geek-speak and jump right to the cool new features we have added recently.

Let’s start off with our social media profiles. You can now follow us on our TMS Facebook profile, as well as our Twitter and Google Buzz. We are using these channels to provide fans and followers the inside scoop on sales, special promotions and contests. We are running a contest on our Facebook page for some cool bike accessories for the rest of July (see this post for details). These links can be found at the footer of every page within the site:

Follow Us: Facebook, Twitter, and Buzz

We have also been working on making it easier than ever to share our blog posts and product pages on Facebook, Google Buzz and Twitter. Every blog post and product now features a Facebook “Like” button, which will make it easy to share links to articles and outdoor gear with your friends:

product page update screencap

In addition to “Like” buttons, we also have buttons that let you Tweet or post a Buzz about any articles on our blog. The Tweet button even shortens the page URLs automatically. These features will soon be available on our product pages as well.

social media buttons

Here’s a little sneak preview of another Facebook application that will give you a free $5 gift card for posting about TMS on your Facebook profile:

Connect to us on Facebook screencap

Once we work out all the kinks, this offer will appear on our homepage. Anybody with a Facebook account can click on the link, write a little recommendation about TMS, and instantly receive a $5 gift card by email to use at checkout.

There are lots of exciting updates in the pipeline for the Tahoe Mountain Sports website, so check back often, join our Facebook Fan Page, follow us on Twitter or Google Buzz, or sign up for our email newsletter to stay in the loop and get the best deals on gear and clothing.

Tech Talk is a Tahoe Mountain Sports monthly blog post by our resident geek, Todd Shimkus.

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  1. UPDATE: The $5 gift card for referring us to your friends on Facebook is now live on the homepage… try it out and get free money!

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