Getting Waisted: A Battle of Tech Belts for Skiing

During our NorCal ski demo day at Alpine Meadows, Kevin and I had a little debate—on belts for skiing. I was high on realized sweatpant dreams, sporting my new Arcade Belt. And Kevin was gloating in his raffle winnings, jabbering on about how his belt can open a beer. Here, we take a closer look at each of our belts. In this battle of the belts, who is the winner? Let us know which belt you think wins in the comments.

In the blue corner, Lis and her new Arcade Little Standard Belt

I am all about less form, more function when it comes to my belts. I hate big, clunky buckles that peek out like an awkward outtie under my shirts and dig into my abdomen when I sit. Arcade (a local Tahoe company) makes my kind of belt because the buckle is low profile, lying flush with the webbing. And the closure clicks open and closed with just one hand. The stretch in the webbing magically transforms any pair of pants into that sweatpants like feel—elastic gently hugging your waist. And god knows I love sweatpants. Still have my high school track pair with my name running vertically down the side. I only wish Arcade would make a women’s specific belt that looks a little less sporty (gold/metal buckle? lower-profile pattern on belt) so I could wear it to classier affairs. Though my belt cannot open a beer like Kevin’s, I leave you with this final punch, Kevin. Can your belt tie up a hostage? Slingshot a banana? Prepare lobsters for a boil? (See photographic evidence here and video below for proof of all these capabilities.)

In the red corner, Kevin and his beloved Patagonia Tech Web Belt

The Patagonia Tech Web Belt is wicked cool. They’re made in some cool colors that follow the color palettes for the rest of the Patagonia line, so you can even find one to match that awesome fleece you’ve got! There’s no sizing to worry about since it just snakes through the buckle and relies on friction to stay put (and it does stay put). This way it will fit anyone under a 38″ waist, even kids. The bonus is the bottle opening capability. Although, I feel that this could be redesigned, because I’ve still not had 100% success with it. I can open a bottle maybe 3 out of 10 times. The 1 1/2″ webbing is wide enough to give the belt a bold look, and it’s pretty thick, so it’s not going to wear out on ya. I’ve actually used mine to lash my snowlerblades to my duffle bag. Now, Patagonia makes no claims of load limits, but this type of webbing can usually hold a few thousand pounds. Lis, are you willing to tie Cody Townsend’s boat to the dock with your rubber band belt?

Patagonia Tech Web Belt
MSRP: $25

Dakine Ryder Belt
MSRP: $14.95

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