Tahoe Girls Talk Bikinis

When Tahoe Mountain Sports asked if we wanted to try on their summer swimwear and put it to the test, it was a no-brainer. We get to wear colorful bikinis and hang out on the beach?! Um, yeah — we’re in.

Like kids in candy shops, Melanie, Kendra and I got to pick several outfits each with different bikinis and hats. And while shopping for bikinis is often a lot like shopping for jeans (dreaded, and you never seem to find the right one unless you’re not looking for it), trying on bikinis at Tahoe Mountain Sports made us feel like the models they wanted us to be. That’s because these suits are designed to fit and flatter the women we are. That is, girls who are active, who go to the beach to lay out and kill it paddleboarding, surfing, in a volleyball match, or wherever. These are suits that won’t fly up when you dive off the dock into the lake. And not only do the fit well, but they look good, too.

After the morning on Speedboat Beach in Kings Beach, we all left with more than one bikini in mind that we were just going to have to buy. Funny how that happens.

Here’s what we all had to say about the bikinis we loved the most.


Melanie mastering paddleboard yoga in a Next halter bikini top and Oakley board shorts

“When picking out bikinis to wear, the first thing I considered was color and print. I love color and fell in love with the bright Next suit prints right away. From there, it’s all about finding the perfect fit. I really like athletic-fitting halter tops and bottoms with good coverage since I always seem to be doing something active in my bikini — like swimming, paddling, climbing on boulders…”

“My favorite suit was the pink and black Next suit. It was super comfortable, had bright colors, and I loved the wide fold-over waist band on the bottoms. The top was really cute and had great coverage and support, too.”

 “I actually bought the Oakley board shorts already, and will probably end up getting a new Next swimming suit as well to wear with the shorts.”


Kendra in all her natural beauty with a bikini by Carve Designs
“I look for comfort and support in a bikini first! Then, I hope that it is super cute too.”
“My body, like most girls, is all mixed up with sizes. I am larger on top and therefore am constantly in search of a supportive bikini bra. The Carve swim line does just this. I loved the support and comfort they offer and the patterns and fit are flattering to my shape.”
Lole and Oakley have some adorable prints and designs this year. Their fun, bright colors are super cute with a tan.”
“In all three brands of bikinis, I love the fact that I can look summer stylish and still go out and kill it on the volleyball court without worrying that I am giving a little show without even knowing it.”


Julie exploring Tahoe’s clear waters and boulders in a bikini by Carve Designs

“I love stripes. And Lole has some really cute prints with stripes and contrasting colors this year. Something about horizontal stripes — I think they’re really slimming.”

“When I wear a bikini, I want to feel confident and comfortable. So a suit that fits well, doesn’t slide up, covers my bottom, and gives me support up top is huge. At the same time, I’m always looking for functionality that’s fashionable. I think that Carve Designs, Lole, and Next all hit that market really well.”

“One pieces are my new thing. With deep neck lines and bare backs, a one-piece can be very sexy. And they are so comfortable. The Lole Madiera One-Piece caught my eye immediately. It flatters and fits well.”

“Where do I not wear a bikini?! Beyond the usual summer, hiking, and beach activities, I’ve gone ice skating in my bikini, skiing in my bikini, and recently raised some money for the Tahoe City fireworks in my bikini!”

Lole Carribean Bikini Bottom
MSRP: $33.95

Carve Designs Catalina Bikini Top
MSRP: $43.95

Next On the Bar Sports Bra
MSRP: $54.95

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