Tahoe SAFE Alliance Hikes

This week we hear from Kristin Erickson of Tahoe SAFE Alliance, a local nonprofit dedicated to reducing the incidence and trauma of intimate partner violence, sexual assault and child abuse in the North Lake and Truckee communities. TMS donated some Nalgene gear to get them out on the trail this summer, and we’re happy to hear it was a success!

WHO: Tahoe SAFE Alliance and Tahoe Rim Trail Association

WHAT: 5 Tahoe hikes

WHERE: North Lake Tahoe trails

WHEN: summer 2011

GEAR: Nalgene Multidrink bottles

Over the summer months, Tahoe SAFE Alliance partnered with the Tahoe Rim Trail Association to create an opportunity for middle-school aged clients of Tahoe SAFE Alliance to take to the trail and enjoy the serene beauty of the local landscape.

As any outdoor enthusiast knows, staying hydrated on the trail is incredibly important. I wanted to ensure that all of our kids had their own water bottles to bring with on our hikes. Tahoe Mountain Sports came though in a big way by donating top of the line Nalgene Multidrink bottles for all of our participants. They loved having their own, personal bottle and without fail, had them in tow on every hike.

The kids were accompanied by Tahoe Rim Trail guides and Tahoe SAFE Alliance staff on five different morning hikes all over the region including Mt. Rose Summit and Spooner Lake. There was more to these hikes than tromping through the Sierra and learning about native plants and land formations. The youth participants all had something in common: they had witnessed domestic violence in their homes, or been victims of child abuse. Our hikes served as a form of recreational therapy. It was a way to get away from stressful homes and have fun with peers. Staff from the Tahoe Rim Trail and Tahoe SAFE Alliance encouraged positive engagement through games and discussions. The kids loved getting outside and onto the trail and were enthusiastic about doing more hikes in the future.

Many thanks to Tahoe Mountain Sports for making our program as successful as it was!

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