Tahoe Night Skiing and Headlamp Review

A couple of us, including our Black Diamond rep went out for a night ski near Mt. Rose a couple of nights ago. It was a beautiful night for skiing although a bit dark, but the snow was powdery and light on the north facing slopes. I was hiking up with my Black Diamond Verdicts along with the 01 Bindings and BD Ascension skins while wearing a single layer of Icebreaker Bodyfit 150 Atlas Zip and some Icebreaker long underwear. I can’t get enough of my Icebreaker clothing and I can’t recommend it enough as it always is the best layering system no matter what the conditions.

Now, being that we were night skiing, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to test out the new Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp and put it up against the Mammut X Zoom Headlamp.

I will start with the Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp:

The first thing I liked about this headlamp was that it is rechargeable and in this day and age, there should be more of a selection of rechargeable headlamps. One thing I hate is to throw away batteries. So, with all that said, this headlamp already had a headstart at getting a great review.

The next item is really the brightness of this headlamp. It is amazingly bright for its number of leds and it is compact, fits on your head easily, is not bulky and in general is a pretty sleek design. While skiing down, the  Sprinter illuminated out a great distance as well as brightness. Like the other Black Diamond lanterns, this headlamp can go from dim to bright simply by holding down the button and it has a flashing red light on the back which made it easy to find everybody in the dark and would be very useful to a biker as well.
All in all, an extremely impressive headlamp at an even better price. As compared to the Mammut X-Zoom, this headlamp is $20 less and equally if not more bright. Highly recommended.

Now for the review of the Mammut X Zoom:

I am very impressed with this headlamp as well. It is by far the brightest headlamp with the farthest reaching beam that I have seen. Some of the positives that I really like about the X-Zoom: 3 brightness levels, adjustability on the beam (wideness vs. spot), ease of use and very lightweight. The simple idea that you can adjust the beam from a wide-angle halo type of light to a super focused, intense beam, is amazing and as far as I know, completely unique to any LED headlamp on the market.

The only negative I have so far is that outside the beam it gets really dark really quick. What I mean by this is that there is no residual light outside the beam because it is so focused. This really is not a big deal and is hardly a negative, but thought I should mention it. Overall, this headlamp is awesome and worth every penny.

There you have it. Take your pick when you are choosing your next headlamp and let us know if you have any questions. Here are a couple of night shots that actually came out pretty well.

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