Tahoe Mountain Biking in November with the Vholdr Contour HD

Here is the next installment in our Lake Tahoe Mountain Biking video series. Still riding on Novemeber 1st with no snow at all on our route, but the 60 degree temps were super nice! Took off from the Carnelian Bay area with Griffy and rode up to the Tahoe Rim Trail over to Watson Lake and then back down on the Rim trail on the other side. We both use Deuter Race X Air I hydration backpacks and I was wearing my favorite Icebreaker BodyFit 200 Mondo Zip shirt. All the footage was taken with the Vholdr ContourHD helmet camera and I am really starting to like the way it looks when you turn the Vholdr around and take the pics from behind. For those of you waiting on more info on the Vholdr Contour 1080P, keep holding tight as we will be shipping these out weekly for the next couple of months. Also, we will post some video from the 1080P when we have them in.

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