Sierra Crest Ultra 30k/50k

Sierra Crest Ultra Race Report

This course is awesome — 100% single track or mountain double track. Running point to point is way cooler than doing loops (which is typical for a ski race). Everything went super smoothly, with well-placed aid stations, bike patrollers on course making sure everyone was okay, and an incredible post-race feast. Read More

Sierra Crest Ultra Run Course Preview

Now is your chance to explore this historically treacherous part of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California on a fully supported trail run with majestic views of wildflowers, mountain meadows, pristine alpine lakes, and stunning vistas! Read More

Truckee Running Series Sponsors

Whether you’re running the 3 mile uphill Squaw Mountain Run, or the rugged 50K Sierra Crest Ultra Run, we can help you find the best gear for your run. Below is a look at the best products from the sponsors for our upcoming races. Read More

Best Trail Running Shoes for 2017

List of our top selling trail running shoes and some of their key characteristics, what foot type they might fit best, and best uses to help you pick your new trail running shoes this season. Includes shoes for trail running, hiking, backpacking, and every day mountain living. Read More