Sunscreen review: Why we love Sol Sunguard

There are a lot of lotions out there claiming to be the best sunblock, but here at Tahoe Mountain Sports, we’ve had really good luck with the Sol Sunguard line having tested it at high altitude on the snow, on the water and at the beach. We’d even venture to say it’s the best sunscreen we’ve ever used.

One thing that sets SOL apart is their specific formulations for different activities and environments, including Golf, Beach, Blue Water, Altitude and Kindersport children’s sunscreen. Certain elements carry across the whole line, like the use of zinc oxide, which holds up better than other chemical formulations (think old-school surfer with the white zinced nose, except this rubs in clear).

In the SOL Sunguard Beach and Blue Water formulations, for example, they focus on water resistance, reflected UV rays off water and sand (reflection off water and sand can be as high as 80 percent!), and skin-drying factors that all affect how well protected you stay throughout the day. Here’s what SOL Sunguard says about their Blue Water formulation: “ultra low chemical-active formula uses Z-Cote, a powerful, microfine zinc oxide that offers transparent and total protection against both UVA and UVB rays.”

The SOL Sunguard Altitude formulation takes the broad spectrum UVA and UVB increases as you gain altitude into account (UV intensity increases 4-5% for every 1000’ of elevation. At 10,000’ you can be exposed to 50% more UV),  and the likely intensity of your activity. According to SOL Sunguard, “Chemical sunscreens expire after UV exposure; mineral oxide sunscreens do not. Careful choice of sunscreen active ingredients is essential.”

Sport forulations like SOL Sunguard Golf aim for sweat resistance: “Perspiration breaks down most sunscreens causing eye-sting and sunburn. You need a product that stays put and protects,” SOL says, and comfort: “If you are going to be playing all day, you need a light, non-greasy lotion that doesn’t coat your skin like a fresh bottle of coconut oil.”

When specifically formulating a children’s sunscreen in the SOL Sunguard Kindersport line, they aim to make it fool-proof to apply: “Sunscreen should be visible when applied (so you don’t miss a spot), plus quick to spread and absorb. We all know that the wiggle response increases the longer a kid tries to stand still.” A non-irritating lotion is also key: “Lotions that drain into young eyes after a quick run through the sprinkler can mean pain and irritation. Low chemical, non-stinging formulations are must-have.” Kindersport also contains the antioxidant vitamins A & E.

Here’s what Dave, TMS’s shop owner, had to say:

“I put Kindersport on my 2 year old daughter before she heads out to camp for the day and she stays protected all day long. Even her teachers at camp now recommend the Sol Kindersport to all their parents for the best protection over the course of a busy child’s day”

SOL Sunguard also makes an easy-to-apply FaceGuard Stick for keeping your face protected without getting any lotion on your hands — think climbing or disc golf where grip is critical — and of course great Lip Balm.

Here’s what our hard goods manager, Kevin, has to say about getting first tracks and the FaceGuard Stick:

“I LOVE the Sunguard Face Stick for skiing. First tracks require moving quickly in the morning, and being prepped; down time only comes AFTER your gloves and helmet are on! Because the Face Stick does not require me to get my hands gunky or take off my gloves, I can apply it to my nose and cheeks on the lift, or while waiting in line.”

And here’s what Pam, our store owner, said about FaceGuard Stick:

“Face stick is great for kids. Easy, quick, less messy.”

So give SOL Sunguard a try for yourself; we bet you won’t be disappointed.

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