Summer Ski Camp with Telemarker Bennett Drummond

Yep, still skiing… and it’s August. Well actually this post is on a 5-day June freestyle camp at Boreal, from all-star telemark grom Bennett Drummond, but people are still turning on the white stuff here in Tahoe. Here’s a Q&A on Bennett’s time at camp as well as some of his helmet cam footage.

WHO: Bennett Drummond, 13 years old

WHAT: Freestyle (park) skiing camp

WHERE: Boreal ski resort

WHEN: June 2011

GEAR: Contour GPS helmet cam, high-altitude sunscreen

This isn’t your typical summer camp, eh? Tell us how much time you spent out on the snow.
We were on the snow from 7:00 till 11:00 *lunch* then 11:30 tll 1:00. So a grand total 5 1/2 hours each day.

Were you the only telemarker?
Yes, I was the only one at the camp on a tele set-up.

What can you tell us about the features?
They a had a jib-garden (asortments of boxes and rails), 2 very small 5ft jumps, halfpipe, large 50ft jump, and a bag jump.

What were you working on while you were there?
I was working on a few tricks: Misty 720, Rodeo 720, switch-ups on a down-flat-down-flat-down rail, and superman fronts.

What did you take away?
The most important thing I learned was just becoming more comfortable doing inverted airs.

What was the most fun part about the camp?
I think just the fact that I was skiing in the summer with my friends and doing slow tricks off the big jump… super cool! Also having the opportunity to work with great coaches from other teams.

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