Summer Biathlon Training at Auburn Ski Club

As you well know if you’re a TMS blog reader… we’ve been skiing a lot in Tahoe this year, even through June and July so far. But you might not realize the biathletes are keeping at it too. Former Olympic biathlete Glenn Jobe sent us this photo and a few words from his recent training with Auburn Ski Club.

WHO: Former Olympic biathlete Glenn Jobe and in photo, from top to bottom, Phillip Violett (senior athlete), Raylene Chew (junior), Tom McElroy (coach) and Dylan Syben (junior)

WHAT: Summer biathlon training

WHEN: June 24 and July 1, 2011

WHERE: Auburn Ski Club

GEAR: a good pair of sunglasses (like Smith Parallel D Max), Outdoor Research Swift Cap

We met and skied on Friday June 24th and Friday July 1st for our biathlon workouts, now we are running at the practices. We have 4 junior athletes and 1 senior meeting on a weekly basis for biathlon practice. In addition once a month we do a combined workout with masters biathletes who have their own rifles and have gone through a range safety certification course. Interest is continuing to grow for the sport here in the West, and it is exciting to have an organized junior team.

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