Steals and Deals: 5 Deuter Packs at Unbelievable Prices

Welcome to a new series on the Tahoe Mountain Sports Blog aimed to keep you in the know on the best prices on the coolest outdoor equipment. Every so often we get great prices straight from the manufacturer on outdoor gear and outdoor clothing we love, and we pass the savings on to the customers we love.

First up, we’ve got Deuter Backpacks, some of the best hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, traveling and backpacking backpacks available. We’ve got a handful of last year’s packs on sale – and when many of them haven’t changed this year except for colors, these prices are a no-brainer.

Deuter Quantum 55+10

Reg: $228.95

Sale: 159.95

First up is the ideal travelers pack, marked down from $228.95 to $159.95, saving you 30%. Ideally sized for world travel, with a detachable day pack, a rain cover that turns into a travel sack if you have to check the pack on a plane, and of course Deuter’s famous suspension system.

Here’s what one reviewer on our site had to say:

“I backpacked through Japan with this product. It had an amazing amount of storage space for not being such a huge bag, and the travel bag turned out being tremendously useful.  The bag was also not too large for travel on the trains in Japan which can be very crowded. I could minimize my impact on space to the point where I was not a burden to those around me.  Overall I rate this bag excellently, it has a lot of storage and it has adequate ventilation and the travel bag is a nice bonus,” Robert Garfinkle.

Deuter Futura Pro 38 Backpack

Reg: $148.95

Sale: $98.95

The Deuter Futura Pro 38 backpack – down from $148.95 to $98.95 (33% off) – can fill the role of the ultralighter who doesn’t need as much room for an overnight, a hut trip hiker who doesn’t need to bring a tent and other camping gear, or a day hiker who wants the suspension and technical features that make bigger Deuter packs so comfortable. The aircomfort system pulls the pack off your back with a mesh “trampoline” making this one of the coolest packs around (studies have shown a reduction in persperation by as much as 25 percent!)

This is the perfect pack when you need something more substantial than a frameless, shapeless rucksack, but don’t need a big, burly backpacking backpack.

Deuter Futura 32 Backpack

Reg: $128.95


The little brother to the Futura Pro 38, this 32-liter backpack has been slashed from $128.95 down to $89.95 (30% off) and is a great all-around day pack with tons of organization, super-comfortable suspension and the same airy back panel that keeps you cool. This is a great do-it-all, use-it-every-day backpack that’ll work for so many different outdoor adventures.

Here’s what one of our customers had to say:

“This backpack is great and I can’t wait to use it on my trip. I love that there are side pockets that allow for more storage and accessibility. There is also a rain protector included with this bag so you don’t have to purchase one, which cuts down on the cost of buying one,” – Jacqueline.

Deuter Pulse One

Reg: $24.95

Sale: $14.05

Sometimes you just don’t need a whole backpack. Down from $24.95 to $14.95 (40% savings!), this well though out hip pack carries a water bottle, canted to one side for easy grabbing, and a zippered pocket for small essentials. Perfect for hiking, biking, cross-country skiiing or running, this waist pack water bottle holster keeps you light and agile.

Here’s what one of our customers who really puts in the miles had to say:

“I bought this to use on longer runs (6 to 8 miles). It works great. Holds the water bottle as well as keys, cell phone and a few other things,” – Dottie.

Deuter Giga Office Backpack

Reg: $108.95

Sale: $75.95

We’d all love to be in the outdoors all the time, but the truth is work or school seems to get in the way. Priced down from $108.95 to $75.95 for a 30% savings, the Deuter Giga Office is the perfect pack for the everyday grind, designed to comfortably carry your laptop and other daily essentials for the office or the classroom. It’s the perfect size for traveling with a laptop, too.

Deuter really thought out every detail with this pack – it’s not just a padded laptop sleeve added to an ordinary ruck-sack.

These aren’t the only backpacks we’ve got on sale, surf around our backpack page for more deals on the best backpacks on the net, or stop by our store to check them out in person.

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