Squaw Valley Opening Weekend 2010

Tahoe ski resort openings are on everyone’s mind this week as the chairs start spinning around Lake Tahoe. Five-year Squaw resident and Moment Skis sales rep Rom Marcucci gives us the update on Squaw Valley opening weekend 2010.

WHO: Rom Marcucci and several hundred pros, bros and weekend warriors

WHAT: Skiing opening weekend

WHERE: Squaw Valley USA

WHEN: November 21-22, 2010

GEAR: waterproof ski jacket, Smith ski helmet, a sense of restraint knowing what kind of sharks lie beneath the powder

If you love deep powder and don’t mind the consequences of what 4 feet of it on top of rock can do to your gear/body, this past weekend at Squaw was pretty amazing. Early Saturday morning I had the brilliant idea to go for a skin before Squaw opened, taking advantage of a sunny weather window. Unfortunately, 12 inches of blower on top of rock/dirt/pinecones/manzanita made for poor conditions. I quickly gave up and headed down to the ski area. Squaw has been blowing snow relentlessly for the past week, giving us a bit of a base under the powder. I skied some laps on the 200 vertical feet of Searchlight before heading into work. The conditions certainly weren’t epic, but it was great to catch up with some old ski buddies.

When I opened my door on Sunday morning, I was shocked by how much snow we’d received. Everything was covered in several feet of fluff. I got in line for Red Dog at 8:30, scoring a pretty good position. Unfortunately, it took until 10:15 for patrol to clear everything. With work at 11, I managed to squeeze in three runs… and what runs they were! The snow was so deep. The skiing improved on the second and third runs as the flat spots packed down. So many of my turns were over the head. People seemed thrilled to be wallowing in it. With even more on the way, it is going to be an amazing week in Tahoe. This much early season snow is something I’ll certainly be thankful for.

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