Sports & Lifestyle Sunglasses from Smith, Oakley, Switch and Sunskis

You’re probably already well aware that the best outdoor sports equipment, if not already in your gear shed, backpack or truck bed, can be found in a log cabin-style gear store on the northern edge of Lake Tahoe. But did you know about our impressive selection of the best sunglasses for sports and everyday use? Here’s the inside scoop on what’s hanging out behind the protective glass display cases at Tahoe Mountain Sports:

Switch Vision – Magnetic Interchangeable Lens System

switch sunglasses
Switch Vision created the world’s first eyewear with a Magnetic Interchangeble Lens system – for unparalleled convenience, speed and ease of use: an idea born of necessity. When you bring the magnetic lenses close to the sunglasses’ frame they literally jump into place. These sunglasses allow athletes to choose the perfect lens for any lighting condition to achieve the best vision. And yes, prescription lenses are available through custom order. You may think you’ve seen this magnetic system before… are you familiar with Anon ski and snowboard goggles? Switch wanted to focus all their energy on sunglasses, so instead of also creating goggles they sold their magnetic interchangeable lens design to Anon Optics.

Switch Axo with mirrored interchangeable lenses                  Switch Lynx with mirrored interchangeable lenses

switch axo
switch lynx

Check out this quick video demonstration of how fast and easy swapping your Switch magnetic lenses really is:

Sunski Sunglasses – Vintage Australian Polarized Shades

sunski sunglasses
Sunskis are vintage Australian sunglasses that were last made over 25 years ago. Now they’re back and better than ever in 2013! Vintage style meets cutting edge craftsmanship: the new Sunskis feature polarized lenses, hand polished frames, and custom packaging. The color schemes are sweet and simple, giving you for choices: Blue, Pink, Yellow and Purple Sunski sunglasses. At $47.95, you’re not going to find a polarized pair of awesome shades like these anywhere.

                                Sunski Blue                                                                                                Sunski Pink

sunski pink
sunski sunglasses blue













Oakley Eyewear – Redefining Sunglasses for Sports

oakley sunglasses for sports

Oakley eyewear is made from the best materials and top performance optics so you know you’re getting the best sunglasses for sports or casual wear, or in most cases, both. For many years Oakley has been working alongside the world’s top athletes to develop new optical technologies, and has over 600 patents to-date. There’s a design for you, whether you’re running an ultra-marathon and need the best polarized sport sunglasses that will stay put even when you sweat or get wet, or you’re just looking for some nice Oakley aviators for cruising the beach or laying by the pool.

              Oakley Radarlock                                                                                                                Oakley Fives Squared
polished black frame, iridium lens                                                                         brown tortoise frame, bronze polarized lens

oakley radarlock
oakley fives squared

Smith Optics – Elite Action Sports Sunglasses

smith sunglasses for sports
Smith Optics is famous for making some of the world’s finest, most durable athletic sunglasses and, believed by many people worldwide, the best sunglasses for sports. Smith Optics women’s sunglasses are hotter than ever, and we are loving their options for aviator mirror sunglasses. For the ultimate high performance pair, try on the Smith Pivlock V90 Max with interchangeable lens capability. Smith not only makes sports sunglasses for men, women and children, but don’t forget to check out Smith Goggles for the approaching ski season!
smith pivlock v90
smith showdown

Smith Pivlock V90 – Interchangeable Lens                        Smith Showdown – Women’s Polarized Aviators


Suncloud Polarized Sunglasses – Quality Contemporary Optics

suncloud polarized
Suncloud makes polarized sunglasses with high quality optics and contemporary, fashionable frames. Top-tier manufacturing somehow comes in at a rock-bottom price, less than any other polarized sunglasses around. Our vast assortment of Suncloud eyewear includes everything from futuristic-looking sporty shades to cool aviators and funky retro polarized shades.. Each pair carries a lifetime warranty, so you really can’t go wrong with any pair of Suncloud glasses.
suncloud conductor
suncloud sequin

Suncloud Conductor Polarized Sunglasses                                              Suncloud Sequin Women’s Polarized Sunglasses

We’ve got everything you need to protect your eyes from the sun, the elements, and important people whose opinions you truly value. Smith Optics, Oakley eyewear, Switch Vision, Suncloud Optics and Sunski Sunglasses comprise our selection of the best sunglasses for sports and casual shades for just chillin’ out. Get yours online with the most competitive prices, or swing by the shop at 8331 North Lake Blvd the next time you’re in Tahoe!

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