Smith Ski Helmets & Goggles: What’s New for 2010-11

Wondering what’s new with Smith this winter season? Read on. Shannon from Smith just paid Tahoe Mountain Sports a visit, and now we are even more armed with brand knowledge.

Smith ski helmets are on fire these days! Though Smith only got into the business 5 years ago, they’re now #2 in the industry behind Giro. One of the primary reasons for such early success is the ventilation in a Smith ski helmet. Designed to be fully integrated with Smith goggles (or any goggles for that matter), Smith ski helmets don’t trap the warm air that’s escaping from your goggle vents, but move that air up and out through special venting in the helmet brim. There are varying levels of venting, from some 10 vents up to the new Smith Vantage helmet‘s 21 vents. See the above video for footage of the new Vantage. Less-vented models are the Smith Maze and the new women’s Maze version, the Smith Allure. These helmets are the world’s lightest at only 11.5 ounces, so they make great backcountry helmets since you want the lightest load on your ascent. Another plus in buying a Smith helmet is that every model is audio compatible, with a dedicated zippered area to secure audio cords.

The iconic Smith snow goggle has been around since 1965, when Bob Smith made the first Smith goggle. Thanks to his experience as a pilot, he developed the first double-lens thermal goggle, which revolutionized fog-free vision in skiing. Since then, Smith hasn’t left innovation behind and is continually improving their product. Look for their special Vaporator lens technology, which seals the double lens bond, distortion-free TLT lenses and amazing peripheral vision, especially on the top-end Smith IO and Smith IOS goggles. Try these goggles on and you’ll see the difference. Both are interchangeable lens goggles and inspired by rimless sunglasses so the lens extends out even further for a better field of vision. Watch the video above to see the quick and easy lens change. The IOS, new last season, is just a touch smaller for women or those who want an ultra-low-profile look.

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  1. As an update to this post, we do have a Smith Helmet and Goggle sale running through 11/21/2010 so get your new helmet and goggles before winter hits and while the deals are hot!

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