SmartWool Review: SmartWool Women Apparel

I’ve been wearing SmartWool socks as far back as I can remember but I only recently got to try out the famous wool on the rest of my body. We have a great selection of SmartWool apparel at the shop, so I decided to try the best-looking item, in my opinion, on for size: the SmartWool Midweight Zip T.

Though I’m 5’4″ at 130 pounds, and usually wear smalls or mediums, I ended up buying a large size. Maybe I was just in one of those comfort-clothes moods; the medium was probably a better fit, but I love my large. It feels comfy, and definitely not frumpy. (And that’s not just me talking – my boyfriend even likes it on me.) The small was a little too form-fitting for my style, especially on a midweight layer like this that I often wear alone without an under or over layer.

I’ve worn it skiing in Tahoe with just my shell and it’s plenty warm. It’s not itchy on the skin, and the quarter-zip avoids that stuffy, strangling feeling you can sometimes get with other base layers. It’s a little too warm for skate-skiing and other sweaty pursuits in my opinion, but I’ll have to try out the SmartWool Microweight Crew for that. Plus, I love the color and unique striping. Sure beats all my other solid-colored base layers. Here’s a photo of it in action, on the shore of Lake Tahoe.

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