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I always tend to reach for my favorite pair of socks, but they’re often dirty. That got me thinking…why not just have a week’s supply of Smartwool? That way I’ll always end up with my favorite socks.

Sheep roam from climates that are warm and wet to climates that are high, cold and dry – and they do it all in the same coat. Natural wool fibers posses excellent breathability, odor control and temperature regulating characteristics. It only seems natural that we would use similar fibers when producing clothing for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. By breathing well and absorbing moisture, the chance of developing blisters decreases. With good odor control, socks and base layers can be worn multiple days in a row. As an excellent temperature regulator, you stay warm even when your clothes get wet. Since wool also manages moisture so well, your body maintains a more stable temperature with wool next to your skin than it does with other synthetic materials. It’s no wonder wool is the preferred material for such a large number of outdoor and active apparel brands.

Smartwool uses Merino wool from sheep bred in New Zealand. These sheep live on farms with hundreds of thousands of acres to roam and graze. Happy feet come from happy sheep! The fibers from these sheep are softer, longer and thinner (1/3 as thick as human hair), so they don’t itch or feel rough against your skin like wool from other sources does. Smartwool even has a Next To Skin (NTS) line, boasting the most comfortable wool used in long underwear and base layers.

New for Fall 2012, Smartwool redesigned their apparel to have a “body-enhancing” fit. It’s a more generous cut, with stitching that provides an opposite effect: a more fit, or athletic, appearance. That generous cut allows you to do more because it doesn’t hug the body as tightly. You can exercise and do other stuff like shop, work, or hang out and still be comfortable in you workout clothes.

The PhD socks, which are high-end, super-smart performance socks, have a newly designed heel and toe to maximize durability in the most high-contact areas. Smartwool Reliawool and their new Fit System fits better, stretches more and reforms better.

Also new for Fall 2012 is the Smartwool packaging construction. They no longer use plastic hooks or tabs in their display materials. It is all recyclable and can be opened and closed over and over again without tearing or damaging anything, so retailers won’t waste materials each time they pull a product out of its packaging.

In addition to the popular Smartwool Socks (Smartwool running socks, Smartwool ski socks and Smartwool Crew socks), which they are mostly known for in the outdoor and active-wear industry, they make tons of other great Merino wool products. Smartwool clothing like Smartwool shirts, Smartwool bottoms, Smartwool hoodies, and Smartwool long underwear. We also carry Smartwool Accessories: Smartwool Beanies, Smartwool Neck Gaiters, and great Smartwool kids items are just a few of the Smartwool products we carry at Tahoe Mountain Sports.

Smartwool Socks - Merino Wool Clothing
A microscopic representation of our Smartwool Clothing collection

Smartwool also offers a Smart Sampler: 3 pairs for $40 – These make a great gifts! Warm winter socks and are always good stocking-stuffers.

People who want cheap, buy cheap. People who have previously owned Smartwool socks buy five pairs at a time.

The Smartwool Warning: You’ll Buy More!

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