Skiing on the 4th of July

Now we know we’ve done a lot about skiing on our blog and Facebook page here at Tahoe Mountain Sports this spring, but now it’s July – summer time! So without further ado, more summer skiing!

It’s no secret that Lake Tahoe got tons of snow this winter, and that Squaw Valley, Sugar Bowl, Alpine Meadows and Kirkwood were open for the 4th of July weekend.

First off at Squaw Valley USA, the Cushing Crossing pond skim was held at its latest ever date on Sunday, July 3. Costumed skiers and snowboarders try to skim across a pond without crashing or sinking in this awesome competition.

The crowd was HUGE. Check out this shot taken by TMS blogger Lis, from halfway up the hill:

Then for the 4th of July, it was over to Sugar Bowl Ski Resort for some top-to-bottom turns on Mt. Disney.

Folks were definitely dressed the part for summertime skiing and snowboarding.

Skiing in the morning and swimming in the lake in the afternoon was tough to beat, and of course the day was topped off with fireworks and other 4th of July fun. Now we can’t promise that this is the last time you’ll here about skiing this summer (there’s still plenty of opportunity in the backcountry), but no matter your favorite adventure, get out and enjoy your summer!

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