Salomon Vitane Boot Review, from a flat foot

Our Salomon Nordic gear has arrived! I can’t wait to test it all out, but for now I’ll write what I know, and that’s a review of the women’s Salomon Vitane boot.

I skate skied with this boot for two seasons now and love it. The Salomon Vitane is pure comfort. It’s cush yet stable, but if you like a super stiff boot, this is not the one for you. The interior padding not only adds comfort but warmth. My feet are never cold. I love the Kevlar Quicklace system because it’s secure and easy to tighten and take off. The red ankle strap/supporter adds even more stability. The narrow heel is perfect for my foot. I’ve never had a blister with the Salomon Vitane! Last season I completed all 30 kilometers of the Great Ski Race in these boots, and my feet felt great.

Though I have to admit, I have feet issues (like virtually every other skier out there). I am entirely flat footed, and prone to heel blisters. My flat feet don’t give me trouble in most sports, but the repetition of movement and outward stance of skate skiing was a huge problem for me. I tried everything, including every color of Superfeet, from blue to black. But what worked for me was an interior heel wedge, which I cut to fit on the inside edge of each insert (the Salomon ones that came with the boot). These gave me enough lift to relieve the underfoot pain and stress I was putting on my arch with each stride. Helped my knee alignment too!

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