Run Your Hike; Montrail Review

Guest: Meaghen Rafferty

Shoe technology is changing everyday it seems, from barefoot shoes, to ultra light hiking boots. It seems we are moving towards the mentality of “what can my shoes do for me, besides simply protect my feet”. That’s a good question. They can actually do a lot, from improving form to strengthening different muscles in the body. A good choice in shoe can improve your workout, and what you get out of your workout. It can be nice when your shoe does a little work for you. As the sports we partake in evolve, the equipment we use needs to evolve as well. For example hybrid run/hiking shoes, are making a big impact on the trail running community. Brands like Montrail are pioneers in the industry, creating the crossbreeds for those who like to run their hikes. Versatility is the keyword here when you need a shoe that can do it all.

Montrail’s Bajada is perfect for taking your legs for an off-road adventure. The Bajada features Montrail’s custom outsole called Gryptonite, which features a prong like grip for traction on any surface. The Bajada is made from lightweight breathable materials that make this shoe weigh about eight oz; it makes my feet feel nice and cool, almost like running in socks. You know that feeling you get after a run when you take your shoes off and it feels so good to let fresh air wrap around your toes. That’s a feeling you don’t have to wait for with Bajada.

Even lighter, at about 6 oz, Montrail’s Rouge Fly is ultra light and cushioning, this shoe is the most comfortable running shoe I have ever run in. The insoles of Montrail shoes break in fast, like on your first run, and form to feet creating true support and comfort. The shoes are responsive and flexible as well as provide adequate support on rocky and rough terrain. When I’m getting ready for a run, it’s not even a question! I grab my Montrails and hit the pavement…dirt…sand…rock… are you getting the picture?

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