prAna yoga, prAna climbing clothes now in stock

prAna clothing is known for its zen style and function for rock climbers—they’ve got Chris Sharma backing them to prove it. But now the brand is becoming a huge force in another athletic realm: prAna yoga.

We’re happy to bring a little bit of everything to the shop so you can kick it in some streetwear, flex it on your mat, or work your body up some rock.

Try a signature prAna yoga piece that’s functional for all walks in your life: the prAna Rylee pant. I am loving the bottom hem’s henna print, and the relaxed, stretchy fit that feels so free on your body.

For men, my top pick is the prAna Privet Hoody. I can’t resist a man who wears color well, and this hoody has the perfect touch of color in an classic, mellow stripe pattern.

Are you a prAna yoga wearer, or a prAna climber? Tell us about your favorite piece and we’ll work to get it in stock if we don’t already have it.

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