Powder Tree Skiing with the VholdR ContourHD 1080P – 12.30.09

While we haven’t had a big storm in a few weeks here in Tahoe, we have been getting a series of smaller storms that have kept the snow great. With holiday season pass blackouts and the avalanche danger at considerable, we decided it was time to lap some pow in the trees in the sidecountry outside of Alpine Meadows. The skiing was fairly low angle mellow terrain but there were some fun rocks and pillows to drop off of and the snow was pretty much perfect. The area we were skiing can be accessed by a traverse out of the boundary of the ski area, but we were earning our turns and skinned up for three laps of perfect pow.

I’m still trying to find the perfect spot to put the Vented Helmet Mount for the VholdR on my helmet. I moved the mount slightly forward from where it was in the last video and I think I moved it a little too much. I think about half way between the two spots I’ve used so far should be the money spot. While the Vented Helmet Mount is more solid and steady than the Goggle Mount, the Goggle Mount does have the advantage of getting an angle that is very close to the point of view of the skier pretty much every time without any trial and error. It was a cloudy day with some intermittent snow and the VholdR ContourHD 1080p did a great job of capturing good footage in less than ideal light.

We were the Deuter Backpack crew out there on this day, Phil was rocking his Guide 45 while I was using the Freerider Pro 30. The more I use the Freerider Pro the more I find little details that make it a really great ski pack. For example, the hip belt pocket is larger than on most other ski packs and it fits my small Canon point and shoot camera easily without cramming it in. The helmet attachment system is also very well thought out and easy to use.

Overall it was another great day with perfect snow and a very mellow vibe. Hopefully the snow keeps coming and we have the kind of season people will be talking about for years. Enjoy!

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