Patagonia Tsali Review

If the shoe fits… it’s completely explainable but it’s always fascinating to me how some shoes just fit you better than others. With the Patagonia Tsali I knew right away. It hugged my foot in all the right places, without the dreaded heel slippage, and felt comfortable yet lightweight. I have a fairly narrow, flat foot but not too much trouble as far as needing inserts and such for trail running.

From the successful first in-store test to 6-mile trail runs, 3-mile road runs and random creek and snow patch crossings, the Patagonia Tsali has been a great purchase. The tread holds up to snow, dusty dry dirt, and even pavement, all without feeling too bulky (the pair only weighs 20 ounces total). In fact, I was so confident to the Tsali’s ability that I forged ahead on a slick creek crossing that I should’ve been more careful with. (You know how some rocks get wet and they are tacky, and others are like an oil slick? This creek’s stones were the latter.) On my butt, feet thoroughly soaked, I ran on and am proud to say the Patagonia Tsalis held up and didn’t slip around when wet or hold on to the water to make me feel as if I were running in a puddle. As Patagonia would say: the DWR-treated, breathable air-mesh upper shed as much moisture as it could, while the sticky rubber outsole provided me with 360-degree wet/dry traction.

One small feature I really like about the shoe is the lacing detail (what Patagonia calls its X-Dynamic Lacing System). The laces run through some webbing that connects through grommets in the shoe side to the tongue. This lends an ultra-secure (but not too tight) fit to hold the tongue in place and provide a precise fit. Plus, all that webbing has reflective detailing so it adds a bit of safety and flash so I look cool.

Check out this exciting, extreme video of me lacing up my Patagonia Tsalis. Mine are in the Prickly Pear color.

And finally, if you’re not sold yet, Patagonia shoes come in the best box ever! Take out the shoes, unfold the box, then refold and reuse as a storage container.

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