Beach Packing List: What To Bring For A Day At The Beach In Tahoe

This review comes from Meaghen Rafferty, an adventure junkie residing on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. Meaghen regularly contributes to the success of Tahoe Mountain Sports through many different avenues, and we thank her for being awesome.

Some not-so-uncommon sky painting from Kings Beach on Tahoe’s North Shore.

This week on my day off I went kayaking down the west shore of Lake Tahoe and brought with me some essential items for a short day trip. I carried it all in my Kavu Rope Bag and kept it safe in the kayak in an Outdoor Research dry bag. I packed it nice and light since we were only going out for a few hours and did not plan on eating lunch. Normally I would bring food with me because I love my munchies, but for the sake of a good pizza afterwards it was worth saving my appetite.

When we arrived at the beach it turned out to be a really windy day, so I was glad to have brought my Water Dome Hoody from The North Face. It protected me from the chill of the wind and kept me dry while we were paddling through choppy water. It’s also pretty handy when the weather cools in the evening because I usually like to hang around to watch the sunsets. And, of course, I brought some SPF 40 sun block and some SPF lip balm because the skin burns and the lips chap faster at an altitude of 6,224′.

tahoe beach packing list

I knew we were paddling to a nearby beach to relax for a while before making the trip back, so I brought some items necessary for lounging, like my ultralight and compact ENO hammock and a blanket. I always like to have good reading material on-hand so I also brought a book and some polarized sunglasses to eliminate glare on the pages. I didn’t get much reading done, but a book is still a staple on my beach packing list. I always bring a water bottle to the beach, and this time I also brought my double-walled stainless steel Hydroflask filled with hot coffee since this was a morning trip. This idea worked out great since it was colder than I anticipated outside and the hot coffee kept me energized and toasty-warm.

I was responsible for providing the music for this day at the beach, so I brought my phone, wallet, and keys in my dry envelope from Outdoor Research. The Sensor Screen on the front of the envelope allows for me to use my phone’s touch-screen while it’s fully protected from water and sand, and the lightweight material of the envelope doesn’t hinder the sound coming from the speakers on my phone. Some additional items that I brought along were some aspirin and my cute purple Yurbuds headphones. I ended up not using either this particular day, but they are both good items to have on-hand and usually live in my backpack for many different activities.

A kayaker enjoys a quiet day on the lake.

Thankfully, my favorite outdoor gear store is only a stone’s throw from the lake in Kings Beach, California, so if I ever forget anything I know there’s a quick and convenient place to pick up last-minute items for a day at the beach. Be sure to stop by Tahoe Mountain Sports if you’re ever in the area! They’ve got you covered; from bikinis and board shorts to summer dresses and cute sun hats, plus chairs, towels, volleyballs, frisbees and other beach necessities. Have fun in the sun!

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