Osprey Packs Review: The Osprey Hornet and Farpoint

In this video review we look at two different Osprey Packs, the Osprey Hornet and Osprey Farpoint.

First up, the Osprey Hornet is a minimalist, ultralight backpack that cuts maximum weight without cutting features or durability.

At Tahoe Mountain Sports, we love these packs for done-in-a-day adventures where you’re trying to cover the maximum amount of ground in a limited time – perfect for weekend warriors trying to get the most out of their time in the wilderness. Throw in an Osprey hydration reservoir for more structure, and you can even carry a little more weight!

On the other end of the Osprey spectrum is the Osprey Farpoint, a fully-featured travel pack that still weighs substantially less than much of its competition.

The integrated day pack zips on – not just clips or straps – for added security when traveling abroad. Pack fabric zips over the shoulder harness and waist belt in case you need to check this travel pack too, making it perfect for anything from the weekend road trip to international travel.

So whether you are making the most out of a day off or taking a multi-week trip around the world, check out our line of Osprey Packs!

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