No Jet Boil? You’re Up A Crick Without A Paddle!

This feature comes from Kirsten Alburg, a TMS staff writer, teacher, and owner of Alaska’s Take Refuge Canoe. Kirsten is a regular contributor to our blog and an above-average adventure enthusiast living on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska.

Jet Boil - Canoe Camping
A Jetboil cooking system in use on-board a canoe.

Take Refuge Canoe, an adventure canoe company that runs guided and outfitted canoe trips in the Kenai Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, boasts that without their Jet Boil Cook System they would be up a crick without a paddle.

The Kenai Wildlife Refuge Canoe System, one of only three nationally recognized wilderness canoe systems in America, combines close to 300 lakes within two river systems with abundant wildlife.  With many lakes to paddle there are just as many portages to forge, so paddlers expect to carry their gear a good distance – sometimes upwards of a mile. Since canoes weigh so much, there is a strong emphasis on packing light, and camp stoves are never an exception.

This is why Take Refuge Canoe uses the Jet Boil Helios Group 1.5 liter Cooking Systemas their campsite and on-the-go cooking system for all their trips. With an adjustable burner, push-button ignition, insulated lid and canister stabilizer, things are really made easier out on the trail (or boat) when you have a Jetboil.

Jetboil Group Cooking System
Stove and Fuel both fit in the pot!

Jetboil fuel canisters are also small and lightweight, and just the right size (110 grams) to accurately gauge your fuel consumption prior to departure. This makes it very easy to pack for an adventure.

The Jet Boil Flash is also a key component on all canoe trips, due to its simple usability inside the boat and its quick boiling time. A thermochromic temperature indicator is visible through three stripes on the side of the 1-liter anodized aluminum cooking cup, so you can tell when your water is hot and close to boiling. When it reaches boiling, pour it through a Jetboil Coffee Press and enjoy your favorite brew when you’re as far from a Starbucks as you can get. Jetboils have excellent fuel efficiency and are one of the best backpacking stoves available today.

TRC’s last group of the season, who decided to embark on an extremely rainy fall overnight trip, was especially thankful for the quick cups of hot tea, coffee, and meals made along the way, says company owner Kirsten Alburg. It was these “liquids from heaven” that our guests said kept their spirits high and dry during the nearly flood-stage two-day downpour.  A note taken from the TRC suggestion box stated,  “The Jet Boil system was our best friend during our amazing yet damp paddle trip through the Kenai Wildlife Refuge! It’s so nice to book with a company that has the right gear for the job!”

Jetboil Flash Cooking System
MSRP: $84.95

Jetboil Group Cooking System
MSRP: $119.95

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