New Product: VholdR Contour HD!

Tahoe Mountain Sports is proud to annonce that we will be one of the first dealers in the country to carry the world’s first high definition helmet camera, the VholdR Contour HD. The Contour HD is the latest and greatest from Seattle based Twenty20, a leader in point of view camera technology for action sports. The Contour HD takes the simple and durable design of the original VholdR a step further by adding the capibility to capture high definition video anywhere your sport takes you.

We had the opportunity to try out the original VholdR at Squaw for a few days back in February, and came away impressed with the quality of the construction and the array of features you get for the price. The Contour HD comes with the same simple one piece design, durable aluminum casing, wide angle lens, MicroSD memory and Lithium-Ion battery as the orignal but adds 1280 X 720 resolution at 30fps! This is a huge upgrade in video quality from the 640 x 480 resolution offered by the original VholdR. Also new on the Contour HD is a “High Action” shooting mode that ups the frame rate to 60fps for smooth looking video even at high speed. All these features are packed into a tinyt 4oz package that you won’t even know you’re wearing. The quality and features of the Contour HD stack up to any POV camera at any price while costing only $299. We are now accepting Pre-orders for this fantastic new product and the first orders are scheduled to ship May 18th.

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