New from K2: Splitboards, Skiing Helmets and Avalanche Gear

K2 Skis continues to come up with great backcountry ski and backcountry snowboard gear well designed for venturing out of bounds. We’ve been huge fans of the K2 Coomback, K2 Gotback, K2 Sidestash and their well designed climbing skins, but this year, when they offered up an all-inclusive splitboard package, we new we had to add a snowboard to our lineup.

The K2 Panoramic Splitboard packages together a great all-mountain splitboard, Voile plates, and K2 Climbing Skins for the best splitboard integration we’ve scene. K2’s tip and tail holes mean secure attachments for the climbing skins – something you don’t see on splitboards. The great price gives new backcountry snowboarders a great alternative to splitting their own board, which exposes the core to moisture and damage. Check out our video overview:

The top of the line K2 Helmet, the K2 Diversion Audio, offers great construction, fit and ventilation and adds easy audio integration for your smart phone or MP3 player. See all the features here:

And last but not least, K2 has clearly put a lot of thought into their avalanche rescue gear – a great avalanche shovel called the K2 Rescue Shovel Plus, and a smart Avalanche Probe. The shovel can be used normally, in “hoe mode,” or even as a rescue sled when combined with skis or your splitboard. And the probe packs cleanly, offers great strength and weighs little. Here’s a quick look:

So if you’re interested in heading into the backcountry this winter, or you’re a veteran at the out-of-bounds steep and deep, K2 clearly has some great options worth considering.

K2 Panoramic Splitboard Package
MSRP: $899.95

K2 Diversion Audio Helmet
MSRP: $159.95

K2 Rescue Shovel Plus
MSRP: $74.95

K2 Avalanche Probe Aluminum 300
MSRP: $59.95

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