Mt. Walt – 4/4/09

Got a sweet birthday present this year, the opportunity to go and stay down in the Twin Lakes subdivision and ski the killer terrain in the area. So, a bunch of us headed down to this brand new, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, huge loft and full furnished house in the Twin Lakes subdivision right outside of Bridgeport, CA. This house is 3/4 for sale and the owner is looking for some partners to help spread the costs. Check out the house and all the amenities here.

Heading out the end of the campground at the end of Twin Lakes road, we took the second drainage (Blacksmith) up to the south. Once we bushwacked and waded through the steep trees, the route opened up to some easy side hill skinning up to the pinch. This “pinch” and the peak ascent are probably the 2 most technical parts of this trip. With very steep slopes and about 1 inch of dry wintery snow on top of a hard crust, we all pretty much hiked for our lives to get through this section. Jeff had the easiest route as he decided to boot it early on and headed lookers left for the short boot pack and then back on his skins, while the rest of us struggled through a tough section. Once through there, it is pretty clear sailing up to the next high ridge and saddle just before the summit. As the conditions were super firm, we cramponed up a couple hundred feet shy of the summit and proceeded safely from there.

The ski down was pretty hard and wind packed with the corn slope goodness not really showing its face until the bottom sections. Stubai crampons, SMC ice axes, BD skins, bindings, and skis, and lots of Cloudveil and Mammut clothing made up the full wardrobe. Here are a few pics, Crater Crest post will be next.

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