K2 Sidestash 2011, You Will Be Mine

I just ordered the K2 Sidestash in a 181, and I’m stoked!

They are 108mm underfoot, with an all-terrain rocker in the tip, making them a great powder ski, and maneuverable in tight chutes.

The geometry is very similar to the big-mountain killer, the K2 Coomba. Their stiffer tail, along with a vertical sidewall construction makes for a great carving ski on the groomers, and gives them the beef needed to blast through crud.

Plus, the flat-tails make them useful for backcountry, and ski-mountaineering endeavors. Yea, twin-tips are cool, but you probably won’t be skiing backwards where these guns will take you.

More beta to come when they get to our shop! For now, you can browse some of last year’s winter gear to get you in the mood, or take a look at what K2 says.

Kevin is Tahoe Mountain Sports‘ hard goods manager. He’s often the first face you see in our Kings Beach shop, and one of the friendly voices on our customer service line.

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