Jakes Peak Pow 12.15.09

This past Tuesday I finally got out for a great day at Jakes Peak in the Tahoe Backcountry. The snow had stabilized and consolidated a bit leaving nice creamy powder everywhere. The snow was great, especially considering its only mid December.  It was also a day of testing out some new gear. I took out a pair of the new Black Diamond Zealots with Fritchi Freeride Plus bindings. This may be my favorite backcountry setup yet. Certainly not the lightest setup out there but it will be ready for anything and be extremely fun on the way down. The 110mm waist is wide enough to float well and the rockered tip just busts through crud and variable snow. Hero snow like this makes any ski fun, but I can’t get over how much fun these Zealots are in any conditions. Phil is also rocking his new Deuter Guide 45+ pack, a great choice for both backcountry skiing and mountaineering.

I also got to take the VholdR ContourHD 1080p out skiing for the first time. The light was a little flat but I think the footage came out great. The video below was shot by myself using the Vented Helmet mount, and by Phil using the Goggle Mount. The Vented Helmet mount is probably the sturdiest and most versatile mount for the VholdR that I have tried yet. I highly recommend it. Next time I’m going to try to point the camera down a bit more to get the tips of my skis in the shot a little more, I think it helps give the video some perspective. You can tell that the footage at the beginning of the video shot using the Vented Helmet mount is a little more steady than the footage in the second half that was taken using the Goggle Mount, but both look great.  The video features the POV skiing of myslef and Phil, with special guest appearances by Roger, Shane, Adrienne, and Bruno the Vizsla.

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  1. Great footage! I didn’t see too much of a difference between the first half and the last half, (captured from the vented helmet and googles respectively.) stability wise. Although I like the first half better, I think it was because you had more shots of the open vistas, and open snow. As not much a skier, I was more interested in the views of the trees and snow, and overall scenery during your decent. You mentioned that you wanted the camera to be pointed down at your skis for some perspective, I was secretly hoping the view would tilt up more, the ski’s occasionally popping into the frame from the bottom gave me enough grounding to not feel like you were floating around.

    Did I see some local savage wildlife at 1:30?

  2. Glad you liked it! It was my first time using this particular camera setup so I’m still getting the mounts dialed in. That was Bruno at 1:30, he was a little cold (hence the coat) but a trooper out there in the snow. A lot of our customers are using these cameras for motorsports, theres some pretty cool footage over on vholdr.com -Nat

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