The Innova Boss – distance world record set

We now have a world record holder in our midst here in the shop: the Blizzard Champion model of the Innova Boss, which David Wiggins Jr. launched 255 meters (836 feet) on April 13th in Primm, Nevada.

David’s throw (with a 134g Innova Boss) beat the near-decade-long title held by Christian Sandstrom, who set an 820-foot record on April 26, 2002 with an Innova DX Valkyrie.

You can watch David (only 16 years old!) in action as he breaks this record below. The winning throw comes just after 2 minutes in.

There’s obviously a lot of technique involved, but we bet his new disc helped David out too. This year, Innova released a new Blizzard technology incorporating thousands of microbubbles into its durable Champion plastic. The company considers this a huge milestone, and this new record proves the capability of this technology. The microbubbles allow for high-speed, premium plastic drivers in weights down to 130 grams. Innova’s testing even shows that their models under 140 grams will float… nice for those of us who play near water.

Here’s what David Wiggins Jr. says about the Blizzard technology:

“I love the new Blizzard technology discs! I recently went to New Mexico and thoroughly tested them side by side with other discs at various elevations and wind speeds. The new Blizzard discs came out on top. . . .
From what I’ve observed, the Blizzard discs fly with almost the same stability as the equivalent model 20 grams heavier. They feel and throw like heavier discs than they actually are. This allows for much longer throws, especially in the right conditions. I’ve tested the new Blizzard discs in weights ranging from 130g to 155g and can honestly say that these are going to add distance to many disc golfers’ games. From the average player to the experienced pro, everyone can benefit from Blizzard Champion Discs.”

And a few more pros chimed in on the Innova Boss specifically, on the Innova website:

Dave Feldberg

“The Boss is my favorite disc for distance shots. It gives me the distance and control to perform my best in tournament play. It has elevated my distance game. It works great for skip shots, low shots, high shots and any kind of disc golf shot you throw. Try the Boss, it will get to the basket first!”

Gregg Hosfeld

“I’ve come within a few feet of my all-time personal best in distance throwing the Champion Boss…against the wind.”

Try out the Innova Boss and the other lineup of Blizzard Champion discs for yourself; we’ve got them in stock and ready to ship!


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