Picking A Backpack: Which Deuter Back System Is Best For You?

When choosing a backpack it’s important to make sure that it fits correctly.  In this article we will examine Dueter backpacks and how to determine the right size and fit for your body and torso so you can spend long days on the trail in comfort!

Deuter back systems and technologies are centered around three core principles: quality, innovation and sustainability and their packs focus on: function, fit and ventilation. Since Deuter has a handful of different back systems designed for all sorts of disciplines, we thought we’d make the shopping process a bit easier to help you choose the best pack by outlining the main points of each system.

Deuter SL system

 SL – Women’s Fit
Deuter’s SL packs (Slim Line or Short Length) are designed specifically for ladies or smaller, slender guys. The shoulder straps are set closer together and are more narrow with softer edges. The back/torso length is shorter and the hip belt has a conical shape (like a cone) for a more anatomical fit. As a testament to the fact that they fit smaller guys better, the youngest person to climb Mt. Everest was 13-year-old male Jordan Romero, and he did it wearing the ACT Lite 60+10 SL. Any pack with a VariQuick torso adjustment is compatible with SL shoulder straps (sold separately), so you can customize an SL fit without having to buy a new pack. Examples of  Deuter SL packs: ACT Trail 22 SL, Futura Vario Pro 55+10 SL. For the taller hikers, you’ll be able to get packs with a new Deuter EL back system. EL stands for Extended Length, and Deuter EL packs will be perfect for guys taller than 6 feet or with extra long torsos.

Deuter aircomfort

Deuter Aircomfort
The Aircomfort system is a little different on several packs, but they all share one important feature: sweat reduction. It reduces perspiration up to 25%, thus greatly improving your performance and comfort. With 3-way ventilation, one at either side and one at the bottom, you’ll feel good hauling your pack load all day long (comfortable up to roughly 40 lbs.), even in hotter temps and damp climates. Examples of Aircomfort packs: Futura Vario Pro 50+10, & Futura 22.

deuter aircomfort

Deuter Air contact

Deuter Aircontact
Aircontact systems spread the weight of your load evenly and keep your pack’s center of gravity close to your body’s center of gravity. These systems reduce perspiration up to 15% by leaving an air chamber between the breathable back padding and allowing warm air to escape and be replaced by cool, refreshing air. The Aircontact system is used in Deuter’s larger backpacking backpacks, and is meant for loads heavier than 40 lbs. Examples of Aircontact packs: ACT Lite 65+10ACT Lite 45+10 SL

Deuter Aircontact
Deuter air stripes

Deuter Airstripes
The Airstripes system is featured in Deuter hydration packs, bike packs and race packs. The padded back foam is made of mesh and have a contoured surface, minimizing contact with your back and increasing ventilation. Airstripes system packs also have flexible aluminum supports that allow you to custom-fit the back system to your body, depending on weight load or activity. If you like to run and ride, you could easily use one pack for both sports by quickly twisting and manipulating the aluminum stays. Examples of Airstripes packs: Compact EXP 12 HydrationTrans Alpine 30

Deuter AirStripes
Deuter alpine system

Deuter Alpine
If you’re a high-alpine climber or skier, you require a pack that does it all. Deuter Alpine back systems are comfortable under heavy loads, durable and abrasion-resistant against rocks (and your extreme lifestyle), and they provide all the functional details you’d expect from 115 years of German engineering. All Deuter backpacks with the Alpine system have an air channel between the two foam back pads and straps on the hip belts and shoulder straps that can be tailored on-trail to fit your current contour (thick winter clothing or shirtless mid-summer; looser for more comfort or tighter for heavier loads on varied terrain). They also come with some or all of the following features: removable aluminum stays (the vertical frame supports), a removable foam mat that doubles as back support and a seat pad, and a removable hip belt (reduces weight and allows you to wear a harness with your pack). Examples of Alpine packs: Guide Tour 45+Ski, Freerider Pro 30.

Deuter Alpine back system
Deuter Lite packs
Deuter speed lite

Deuter Lite
Deuter Lite systems come with a removable, flexible U-Frame that provides stability and flexibility. If you’re into going super fast and light, you can take the frame out to drop some weight or to compact your bag for storage. Side Note: The sternum strap and hip belt are also removable on packs with the Lite system. Examples of Lite packs: Speed Lite 20, Speed Lite 10

Deuter Family packs

Deuter Family & Kids

Deuter child carriers and kids packs are the best-selling family backpacks on the market. These innovative packs are designed to keep your kid safe in their seat and keep you comfortable with a kid on your back. All Deuter Kid Comfort child carrier packs (Kid Comfort I, II and III) come with an adjustable safety harness that is really easy to adjust. The height of the kid’s seat is adjustable for greater security and comfort, and the VariQuick system makes it easy to adjust the torso length for the wearer.

Deuter child carrier

The Kid Comfort II and Kid Comfort III also have hip belts that help you maintain balance and conserve energy on steep terrain, in addition to side-entry buckles for easier access. This way your partner can lift them out of the pack while it’s on your back, or you can even let the kids climb in and out themselves! Bonus features: hydration compatible (water reservoir sold separately) and a removable dribble/drool pad that can be washed. The Kid Comfort III also comes with a sun roof/rain cover (otherwise sold separately).

Note: Kid Comfort packs are designed for kids who can sit up by themselves. Maximum pack weight should not exceed 48 lbs (including gear and kid).

The Deuter Kids Pack and Junior Pack give your youngin’ a cool and comfortable option for school backpacks or hiking day packs during family outings, and the Fox 30 is a great entry-level kids packs for backpacking. Scout troops and adventurous families love these kids’ packs, as they provide the same function (and fashion!) as adult packs, only in kid sizes. Plus, they have adjustable torsos that will grow with your kid, so you don’t have to buy them a new pack every time they shoot up another two inches.

Deuter kid comfort 2
deuter fox 30

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