Holiday Outdoor Gear Gift Guide: Staff Picks 2010

In this ultimate outdoor gear gift guide, we take a departure from our usual 5 Under $50 gift guides to bring you an inside look at what the Tahoe Mountain Sports staff have on their wish lists this year.

TODD: Patagonia Powder Bowl Jacket $378.95

“I wanna get a Patagonia Powder Bowl Jacket because I think it’s the best men’s winter shell we have (that isn’t crazy expensive). I’m also due for a new ski jacket since my old one was destroyed in a tragic fireplace-related accident.”

KELLY: MSR Evo Snowshoes $139.95 (currently on sale for $125.95)

“I really want some MSR snowshoes. The new MSR Evo, formerly the Denali classic, are the best suited for recreational so they’re the best for me since I am no crazy snowshoe enthusiast but want to be able to take my dogs out and also have a lightweight pair for backcountry snowboarding.”

DAVE: Smith Vantage Helmet $179.95

“This new helmet from Smith is uber-lightweight and great looking, plus it has an amazing ventilation system and is audio compatible with my iPhone so I can listen to my music and answer work calls all at the same time.”

KEVIN: Mammut Nirvana Pro 35 Backpack $169.95

“What I would really like is a Mammut Nirvana Pro 35 backcountry pack, because it has a back panel that opens, allowing you to get into your stuff without pulling it out into the snow. Also, I’m not very good at coming up with my own system of organization, and it has organizer pockets that include a labeled first aid kit! I also want a Mammut Extreme Baltoro Jacket, $358.95, because it looks better than a well-tailored Armani suit, and it costs less!”

LIS: Pieps DSP Avalanche Beacon $449.95

“Since this is hypothetical and I am imagining my potential gift-giver to be quite generous, I want a new avalanche beacon. I currently have a 2-antenna beacon and it just doesn’t perform as fast, efficient and clear as a 3-antenna transceiver like the Pieps DSP. I’m also jonesing for the Lole Tender Top, $64.95, so soft!”

PAM: Haiku Hobo Bag $77.95

“I really want the Haiku Hobo Bag! I love the styling and it has tons of pockets. It’s also durable and more urban looking than the bag I’ve been carrying. I love the paisley pattern and unique side-angle zipper. Hopefully my husband reads this and gets it for me!”

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