Holiday Gear Gift Guide: Lis’s Picks

The countdown to to Christmas is full-on now… I know I’m busy prepping some packages that need to get out by week’s end to make it across country in time. Here are a few things on my wishlist this year. I’ve especially highlighted some stocking stuffers that would be great for not just me, but anyone on your list that lives an active life. Click back to Kevin’s wish list, Greyson’s gift picks and Pam and Dave’s picks for more holiday gear gift ideas, and look for more favorites in the coming weeks.

Lole Lola Dress

As a Tahoe Lole ambassador, I’m always in the know about the latest and greatest from this women’s line. A classic like this Lole Lola Dress would be a great gift to get. It’s so basic that it fits every mood, and the cut is unique enough to stand out in any holiday crowd. It’s got that not too baggy, not too tight drape to it. I could see myself dressing this dress up with some cool tights and colorful shoes, and then dressing it down with jeans. $59.95

Dakine Mia Hat

Every Christmas, a beanie is on my wishlist. I love accessorizing (er, covering up dirty hair) with hats! I think the color on this Dakine Mia hat is the perfect mix of red and orange. $29.95

Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

This is the one essential that I’ve always had but have never upgraded. It’s time! I’d love to get a new headlamp like this classic Black Diamond model. Headlamps make great stocking-sized surprises… who doesn’t love a little something bigger than the expected oranges and chocolate in their stocking?! $39.95


I love Sharkies and would be stoked to find these in my stocking. They’re a great stocking stuffer for any outdoor lover, and a great alternative energy boost to other more processed gels and gummies. I bring them on long runs and hikes and on every longer mountain bike ride I do. Sharkies are wheat free, gluten free and vegetarian (gelatin free) with naturally occurring electrolytes. $1.89

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