Hole in the Ground Mountain Biking Videos

After 3 months of selling out of the Vholdr ContourHD, we finally had enough inventory to keep one for ourselves and give it a test run. I took it out 2 days this past weekend and I have lots of positives and a few negative comments as well. Overall, the ContourHD is really the first Hi-Def camera at this size and for the price of $299, which is killer compared to anything else on the market. Here are a sampling of the videos I shot this weekend while mountain biking throughout Lake Tahoe.

-Amazing clarity of picture, best I have seen in a helmet cam

-Easy to use right out of the box, everything is included for quick and easy setup

-Easy to turn on and off and to put into record mode

– good sound and limited wind noise

-while some are complaining about battery power, I did not find that to be an issue. I was out for 3 hours, with the camera on most of the time and got plenty of footage

Some of the negative things I have found (albeit with little practice)

-Hard to get the camera lined up right

-Since the frame per second rate is a bit slow in HD mode, the playback makes it look a little jumpy and not so smooth

-The easy edit software does not allow you to merge clips into 1 file, a little anoying when you take a lot of files and clips.

That is it for now. We will be sure to most more of our comments as we play around with this cool helmet cam a little more.

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