Hestra Ski Gloves – Are Hestra Gloves The Best Ski Gloves?

Hestra Gloves: Dexterity, Flexibility, Grip

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So good, you just may want two.

When you invest in a pair of Hestra Gloves you’re making a wise move that will last for years to come. Hestra’s origin and heritage is in leather. They began as a lumberjack glove manufacturer in a small Swedish town named Hestra before they ever made what lots of folks now refer to as the best ski gloves. Hestra puts so much time and effort into each pair of gloves they make that they guarantee a lifetime warranty and customer satisfaction. In fact, the Hestra Heli Glove is made up of 109 parts. At first it’s tough to believe that many separate parts go into a glove, but that’s Hestra’s dedication to excellence.

Some of the key features that make Hestra ski gloves such a reliable and back-able glove company have to be their utilization of cowhide and goatskin leather which add grip and durability, removable washable glove liners to keep comfort levels up and stench levels down, and the warmth and comfort their glove designs provide without compromising dexterity in the fingers. Hestra double-reinforces all stitching, they throw in some Hestra Leather Balm with each pair of gloves, and they stand by their products with a Lifetime Warranty.

Here’s a handful of the Hestra Ski Gloves we carry at Tahoe Mountain Sports:

Hestra C-Zone Leather Mitt

$89.95 – Hestra C-Zone Leather Mitt
his leather mitten combines a durable leather palm with a supple softshell back for top performance in an insulated leather mitt.  A waterproof membrane helps keep moisture out, the polyester lining is soft to touch, and Fiberfill insulation keeps hands warm during long days on the hill.

Hestra Heli 3-Finger

$124.95Hestra Heli 3 Finger Gloves
This awesome three finger mitt from Hestra Gloves combines the warmth of an insulated mitt with the dexterity of a winter glove formed to fit the natural shape of your hand. A windproof and waterproof layer covers the outside and a goat leather on the palm provides excellent grip. Comes with a soft, comfortable removable lining.

Hestra Ergo Grip

$184.95 – Hestra Ergo Grip Freeride Gloves

This bomber glove is super durable and has tons of grip thanks to a cowhide/goat leather construction and seam-stitching on the outside, plus a naturally curved shape to match the natural curve of the hand. This makes for better comfort and control. The Ergo Grip ski gloves are warm and padded gloves – you shouldn’t expect anything less from top-performing Hestra Gloves.

Hestra Seth Morrison Glove

$184.95Hestra Seth Morrison 3 Finger Pro Gloves
Seth Morrison’s pro model glove combines the comfort and warmth of a mitten with the performance and dexterity of a leather ski glove. Impregnated army goat leather, cowhide and Gore Windstopper fabric, plus out-seamed fingers (for even more grip) combined with a wrist gauntlet, side-zipper, nose wipe and a waterproof breathable insert make these Hestra 3 Finger gloves a ski and snowboard favorite.

Hestra F.A.Q.

How do you size a glove?
It’s a lot easier than you may think. Measure around the palm of your hand. A size 9 glove fits a hand that is 9 inches around the palm. If your hand is 8 inches around the palm, you would fit best in a size 8 glove. Pretty basic, eh? You should feel the glove touch the webbing between your fingers. If you can’t, you’ve probably gone a size too large.

How often should you polish Hestra Gloves?
Hestra Leather Balm is included with all pairs of Hestra gloves. It is recommended that you coat your new Hestra gloves with leather balm before first wearing your gloves outdoors. Re-apply Hestra Leather Balm as you see the color begin to fade, or after several weeks of constant use, whichever comes first. The more often you grease your leather Hestra gloves, the longer they will resist moisture, wear and tear.

Is there a warranty on Hestra Gloves?
All gloves by Hestra come with a Lifetime Warranty on workmanship  Send any product concerns to Hestra and they will repair, replace or refund your gloves – as long as the damage isn’t due to misuse or user error, and it’s pretty difficult to misuse a pair of gloves. Hestra is committed to quality craftsmanship and customer service.

Hestra Handcuffs
MSRP: $5.95

Hestra Ski Cross Gloves
MSRP: $134.95

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