Hestra Glove Review: Top Quality Winter Gloves

Hestra Gloves started out 75 years ago with one leather work glove, and has grown to an international company making some of the best ski gloves and snowboard gloves around.

The difference is in the details, which makes an online review difficult – you need to put a pair on your hands to truly understand the craftsmanship, fit and design. We could talk about the details for days: like goat skin used over cowhide in the Hestra Vertical Cut glove to give it 20-30 percent better durability because of the finer pore structure; the outseam stitching on the fingers that mean some gloves take 2 1/2 hours per pair to sew; the way the liners don’t slide out every time you take your hand out; fabric loops on the fingers so you can hang them right-side-up from your harness mountaineering-style so snow won’t pour in; “handcuff” loop fabric around your wrists so when you take your gloves off they’re still attached – not flying off the chairlift when the wind picks up. It’s all about the details.

Here’s a quick video walk through:

So if you’re in the market for a new pair of winter gloves, we strongly recommend Hestra – they aren’t the least expensive gloves but they’ll fit better, last longer and keep your hands warmer and dryer – a worthy investment for all lovers of the winter months. Have a Hestra Gloves review we should hear? Let us know about it in the comments.

Hestra Ski Cross Gloves
MSRP: $119.95

Hestra Heli 3-Finger Gloves
MSRP: $114.95

Hestra Heli Gloves – Women’s
MSRP: $109.95

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