Google +1 Buttons

See this button below? Go ahead, click it. I promise nothing bad will happen…

…if you clicked the button and have a Google account, then you just “+1’d” What that means is that you personally endorse or recommend this site to friends and contacts connected via your Google account (and anonymously to the rest of Google). As a page gets more and more +1s it will begin to rise up on Google search result pages. The end result? A more relevant and democratic search experience.

Here you can see a Google search result page for the term “google”, with anonymous +1s circled in orange:

Google Search Engine Results Page

Here’s another search result for “lake tahoe weather”, and the page that I +1’d:

+1'd search listing

If any of my Google contacts +1 a page, their information will appear beneath the link.

These +1 buttons can be found throughout the Tahoe Mountain Sports website on every blog post, product and category page. If you’re browsing the site and see something that you like and think the rest of the world might like it too, give it a +1.

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