Good Ol’ Raisins and Peanuts – The Best GORP Recipes

This post comes to you from the staff at Tahoe Mountain Sports. Each of us compiled a list of our five favorite GORP ingredients and added them to the pot. As expected, there were a lot of sweets in that pot. Apparently we’ve all got pretty serious sweet-teeth in both the office and on the trail. Here it is. The ultimate list. The items we deemed the best GORP ingredients, from all our outdoor adventures combined.

Consensus: Mixed nuts, dried fruits, and anything dipped in chocolate or yogurt.

Staff picks:

mixed nuts trail mix
Start with your favorite nuts. Buy in bulk and save big.

Todd (Web Guru)

“Just ‘good old raisins and peanuts’ in mine. -Nah, I’m not that boring!”
Mixed nuts, Reese’s Pieces, Craisins, Pretzels (bonus points for yogurt pretzels), Sesame sticks

Pam (Owner)

“Truthfully I don’t really make GORP or trail mix, but if I did my dream recipe would be:”
Oat Clusters (vanilla almond), Gummy Worms (or anything gummy), Peanut M&M’s (not plain ones), Yogurt covered pretzels (the pink ones!), Carob whoppers (chocolate dipped malt balls)

Ryan (Sales)

Reese’s Pieces, Cherries, Banana chips, Walnuts, Almonds

Dave (Owner)

Dried fruit (Preferrably Pineapple, but mango or apricot are also acceptable.), Peanuts, Cashews, Big plump yellow raisins

dried fruit for trail mix, gorp
Most fruits are also sold dehydrated, so be creative!

Meaghen (Sales)

Pistachios, Dried mango, Chashews, Sunflower seeds, Dried bananas

Adam (Web Content)

Cashews, Cranberries, Almonds, M&M’s, Pumpkin seeds

Pick out whatever sounds best to you and throw it all in a bag!

m&m's - candy for trail mix
Don’t forget to add something sweet!
candy for trail mix
Anything gummy seems to work for some people.

Keep in mind that anything dipped in chocolate or yogurt will melt on warm days, so keep the weather in mind and store your GORP properly. For example, if your mixture includes M&M’s you probably shouldn’t keep it in a plastic bag in your back pocket while trekking across the desert – unless you like clumps of melted chocolate and the taste of a dirty palm.

If you notice we missed something incredibly tantalizing on the taste buds, please comment and let us know! We’d hate to think we were depriving ourselves of a glorious GORP recipe.

Head to the bulk bins at your local grocery store for the best chance at low prices and a wider selection of goodies for your own killer concoction. And in case you’d like more variety or would rather stock up on whole food trail bars and organic energy supplements, we’ve got those too.

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