Darth Vader balloon launch video, and photos from the Great Reno Balloon Race

Oh yes, we were right up front for the action at the Great Reno Balloon Race this year. Check out our video footage and photography from the highly attended 2011 event, which featured the Darth Vader hot air balloon and drew in a record-breaking 200,000 spectators to Rancho San Rafael Park this past weekend.

Since it was then 10th anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist attacks, special programming went on throughout Sunday morning. The most touching moment right came after the missing man formation flyover, when a flock of geese (5, the same number as the plane formation) flew right over the crowd at San Rafael Park, and then one spit off (the same one as in missing man). Absolutely awe inspiring. I managed to get a far-away photo of the geese, which I zoomed in on below.

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