Chaco Sandals Review: Adjusting Chaco Straps

Chaco makes some of the best sandals around, but did you know they’re recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association? Pat, our Chaco rep, shows us why Chaco Sandals are so great for your feet, how to adjust Chaco straps on the Chaco Z1 and Chaco Z2 models, and proper Chaco sizing.

Here at Tahoe Mountain Sports, we think Chaco make some of the best hiking and river sandals out there, thanks to their pure Polyurethane construction that won’t break down, even in water, unlike some other materials. Vibram soles give them crazy-good grip wet or dry, and, as you saw in the video, the continuous Chaco straps give them a custom fit.

So if you’re still walking around in cheap flip flops this summer, do yourself a favor, and try out some Chaco Sandals today.

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